Screen offers a fabulous alternative to shade

Macon-deck-pergola 750When it comes to summertime in the south, we make so many of our decisions based on the sun. It’s a powerful force in our lives. One of our customers had a large Macon pressure treated pine deck on the back of their home in an established subdivision. The underlying structure was sound and well built, but the sun ruthlessly beats down on it because it faces due south. The summer sun made the deck nearly unusable– both because it was so hot during the day and because it had dried, splintered, and cracked the boards and rails over the years.

We were thrilled to be able to design a project that enabled this customer to keep the existing structure of the 30’x10’ deck, saving a substantial amount of money. We laid new Fiberon PVC deck boards to better stand up to the sun’s punishing rays and allow the owners to avoid having to do regular staining and maintenance. Pergola-Macon-Deck-Sun screen 750They chose to use Sandstone, a nice, neutral color that will hide dirt and look good with any furniture they purchase in the future.

After we dealt with protecting the deck from the sun, it was on to helping out the people who wanted to enjoy sitting on the deck. The customers liked the idea of having a pergola, but a standard Macon pergola would not offer enough shade for a full southern exposure. We asked if they had considered putting a sunscreen on top of the pergola. The screen, a product produced by Phifer, offers protection from over 80% of UV light. This makes the entire porch considerably cooler and decreases the need for skin protection like hats or sunscreen.

Macon-Pergola-Sun screen lrYou can see from the photos the fabulous results. The screen is dark, but you can see through it. It provides shade, but still allows for some sunlight and plenty of airflow. We also mounted two ceiling fans under the pergola to get the air really moving when Mother Nature gives us an oppressively hot and muggy day. The addition of this pergola has been a life-changer for our customers. It didn’t just take something old and make it new; it took a largely useless space and made it a vibrant part of their daily lives.

For the finishing touches, we added black Fortress Iron pickets to better allow them to see the yard and give them another low maintenance element. We put a gate on each end to keep the dogs in their place. And, before we decked it, we put a new edge band around the outside to make everything look clean and fresh.

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