What a different a porch makes – A new porch and deck in historic Macon GA

You’ve head the saying “what a difference a day makes”. At this Macon home, what a difference a porch makes.

Macon historic district porch

As you can imagine, this took longer than a day but, wow, look at the difference. When these Macon homeowners called us, they had a small deck in quite a state of disrepair.

We extended the deck space to include a new porch on the side of the house and a new deck at the corner of the home. The screened porch has a shed roof which slopes downward from the home. Some people have concerns about whether a shed roof will provide enough light.

macon ga-screen porch-historic district 650

As you can see, the space is beautifully light and airy. The elevated open rafter ceiling opens the space up for a very roomy and airy feel.

Take a look at the porch from another view. You can see the adjoining deck that complements the porch in aesthetics and materials.

historic district-macon ga-screen porch 650

At Archadeck of Central GA, we’ve build quite a few projects in the historic district and we’re glad to work with the local building inspectors to ensure you get the best project possible while still maintaining the historic charm and feel of your beloved home.

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