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This project in Macon, GA proves that a few changes can make a huge impact for homeowners facing mobility challenges

As an outdoor structure builder I meet with homeowners that are searching for outdoor spaces to fit their individual needs. These needs may encompass adding more space to a patio for dining, or making changes to their existing space to accommodate lifestyle and health changes. Many times I meet homeowners that have more specific needs, such as mobility challenges. My goal is to create the solution that provides the best for each individual customer. Many builders look at projects that involve accommodating mobility challenges as architectural or technical challenges. Archadeck of Central Georgia looks at finding solutions from a caring point of view in order make the form fit the function instead of the other way around.

macon - deck stairs
Design rendering for upcoming deck stair project in Macon, GA.

This particular project in Macon, GA initially began as a ramp construction. The codes regarding ramp construction are very strict when it comes to the required length and elevation changes. After discussing the options with the homeowner we came up with a plan that was a nicer alternative to a ramp. A gentle set of stairs that gently ascend and descend turned out to be the perfect option for this homeowner. We were able to achieve the three key aspects that were crucial to this project. The design functions just as it needs to, looks the way the homeowners want it to and is in the right price range.

abaco decking - macon GA
Abaco decking features a grooved side which is perfect for added stability and traction.

When you are building with the specific needs of mobility challenges in mind, often times functional doesn’t mean it will look the part or be affordable. We were able to do use stairs with a shallower rise, longer tread and wider pass to take care of this homeowner’s needs. Seven to 7-1/2 inches is the standard vertical distance on the rise of most stairs. We were able to move that down to 4 inches to make the step easier for a homeowner to travel. By adding an additional board for the tread area of the stair you can increase the depth of the area from a traditional tread length of 10 inches up to 15.5 inches to add a roomier and safer tread. Our standard 4 foot wide stairs allow for easy traffic flow and are also a great benefit for mobility. With a nice 4 foot stair if you stumble you can still easily reach both sides of the rail. We can also add a grab rail on the railing that is specifically designed to steady you. This inclusion is required by code on commercial projects, but not on residential projects in our area.

Another added safeguard to our stair design is the area where the landing begins. This is typically 4 feet which allows space at the top of the stairs to be able to open and close the door. In many projects this is not always possible, but in special circumstances it can make a huge impact on the design. If a smaller landing presents issues, we can sometimes reverse the door swing to swing in rather than out to compensate for the lack of space available at the landing area.

When keeping mobility in mind, we always use decking which meets or exceeds the code for slip resistance. Some materials work better than others when choosing a stair that will aid in mobility. For this project we chose Abaco hardwood decking which is grooved on one side for less slippage and better traction. Abaco is a beautiful tropical hardwood decking that resists splintering, twisting and cracking. It is not only readily used for added traction is also a natural hardwood that requires less maintenance than standard pressure treated pine.

Our caring and personalized solutions to the homeowner’s needs are one of the things that makes Archadeck of Central GA unique. These Macon, GA homeowners are looking forward to their completed stairs and the way in which they will add greater freedom to their outdoor lifestyle and safety as well.Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

If you or someone in your family is facing special circumstances or mobility issues we can help. Archadeck of Central Georgia can design an outdoor space with their special needs in mind that will enable continued outdoor enjoyment for everyone in the family. Contact for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000

To see more examples of outdoor spaces that utilize specific needs and function visit our Wooden deck gallery and composite and vinyl deck gallery located on our website, many of our designs use slip resistant decking that can aid in improving traction and safety in your outdoor space.


What the Archadeck difference means to Archadeck of Central GA

Warner Robins deck
Each of our structures comes with a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship.

You may have heard of “the Archadeck difference”. But what do these 3 words mean?

Archadeck is the 8th largest outdoor living company in the US, Canada and Japan. As a proud part of Archadeck I get the benefit of working with a large company with a headquarters engineering team that stays on top of engineering, architecture, building codes, new materials, and changes in the industry. With having superior warranties and work ethic, Archadeck offers a superb building process. Archadeck owners have the confidence of knowing we are backed by a corporate leader and get to offer the same customer service as that of a small, home town company. We run the kind of company where we get to know our clients on a level where we can give them a truly custom job.

Macon GA screened porch with fireplace
This Macon, GA screened porch is the perfect spot for friends and family to gather.

As a whole, the construction industry often does not have a good reputation. More than half the home-remodeling shows you see flipping through the channels are talking about a contractor that did something wrong, or ways to avoid repairs down the road. It is a constant repeat of the “don’t let this happen to you” theme. Archadeck of Central Georgia is indeed different. All our drawings are reviewed carefully by corporate headquarters. All of the lumber requirements, plans, sizes of joists, footings, posts and even the number of screws are reviewed carefully by our engineering department. No stone is left un-turned in providing the customer with the highest level of quality and materials on each project.

At Archadeck of Central GA, we are the company that provides you with a structure or outdoor living space filled with craftsmanship and quality. We want lifetime customers. Our customers have moved and have called us to build outdoor living spaces at their new homes.

When you contact Archadeck of Central GA you get real people, not a computerized robot. We meet with you, one-on-one and go over your individual needs and wants carefully before we compose a specification sheet or drawing. Most companies send out a sales guy looking for commission. We aren’t that company, we are seasoned, caring builders who take pride in every project we do.

Perry GA Cypress pergola

I think it was Marcus Aurelius, the wise roman solider who said” A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions.” With that being said, my goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives by creating living spaces worthy of truly living in their backyards. There is nothing greater than being in the company of the ones you love and having an outdoor space that provides a functional comfortable place for that to happen, this is my ambition.Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn what makes the Archadeck difference a true difference indeed; a difference you can see, feel and trust.

Call for a free consultation:(478) 745 – 2000

What is the Archadeck Difference?

When working with contractors, you really don’t know the difference between one contractor and another. You might connect better with one contractor or you might like one contractor better. Those are intangibles and they’re very important. You shouldn’t seal the deal without both of those. But are there tangibles that you can count on? Are there tangibles that are put in writing? With Archadeck there are. We call this the Archadeck Difference.

Watch the Archadeck Difference in action.

A hot tub deck in Centerville, GA quickly becomes the center of attention in this backyard

spa-deck- macon-GA
This spa deck in Macon, GA is a pristine example of a sunken hot tub deck. Note the clean design and dramatic view.

It is always good to hear from past customers especially when they are adding on to their project. One of our “in progress” projects we are working on is for a customer we built a beautiful deck for a few years back. They called us to add a portion to his existing deck in order to accommodate a hot tub. Hot tub decks are the ultimate spot for relaxation and comfort.

This customer needed additional space built onto their existing deck for their new hot tub. Adding a hot tub to an existing deck is not as easy as it seems. Hot tubs can hold in excess of 4,000 pounds of water. Water weighs approximately 8.35 pounds per gallon and an average hot tub can hold 600-700 gallons of water. When you add-on the weight associated with using a hot tub that can push the weight up to over 5,000 pounds depending on the number of people your hot tub can accommodate. Adding a hot tub to your deck requires substantial structural reinforcement underneath in order to safely operate the spa and keep your deck structurally sound. We always build the foundation and platform to bear the weight of the hot tub. We also always build the area to easily take on an 8′ x 8′ spa; this way if you change the hot tub out in the future the platform will still work.

Hot tub deck and outdoor fireplace combo.
This decks design incorporates the elements of water and fire with a spa flanked by a stunning outdoor fireplace located on the adjacent patio.

In this particular project the deck’s location and the home’s low to grade design gave us no other option than to place the hot tub on the top of the deck. We often build hot tub decks with the hot tub sunken which not only delivers a dramatic look, it is also recommended for homeowners using their spa for therapeutic reasons because it is easier to enter and exit the hot tub when it is sunken. Whether you choose to have the hot tub sunken or at bench height both will help address the individual functional issue of your space.

We often use bench height hot tub installations. When we do this we often build a bench directly next to the hot tub so the homeowner can simply swing over the bench and slide into the hot tub easily. We can also add the bench to the edge of the deck so the control panel is easily accessible when the hot tub needs maintenance. One dilemma with under deck installation is the difficulty in getting to the control panel and often times we construct a trap door to take care of this obstacle.

hot tub-deck-macon GA
This bench height hot tub deck in Macon, GA is even a hit with the family dog!

When our customers ask if they should purchase their hot tub before they have the deck built, it is not a prerequisite. Our main concern is that we are aware of the shape of the hot tub you are intending to purchase, and we can begin building to suit that shape. Another heavily requested item for hot tub decks is the addition of a pergola over the hot tub. Pergolas look great when paired with hot tubs and offer added privacy and shade to the homeowners; a winning combination indeed.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

If you are considering the addition of a hot tub to your deck, whether you intend to build a new deck or add a space large enough to place a hot tub, we can help. Our unique deck designs and expert craftsmanship will have you soaking up in style and safety. Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia today.
Call for a free consultation:
(478) 745 – 2000

See more stylish hot tub and pool decks by visiting our decks photo galleries located on our website.

Why you want Archadeck to build your porch in Macon, Warner Robins

Eatonton GA Milledgeville GA porch builder Archadeck of GA
Screen porch by Archadeck of Central GA

Porches sure have evolved since I was young. Many of us remember seeing porches with unfinished wood on all 4 sides finished with flimsy screens and a back door attached by springs that slams shut when you close it. Even since I’ve owned Archadeck of Central GA, porches have changed a lot. The first change is that not all porches are made with screens. The open porch is a very popular option. The open porch allows more breeze and other elements. You still have the experience of being outside but can enjoy the roof over head for those hot Georgia days that go on for months and months. In addition, a covered porch or open porch allows for protection from the elements so on some misty or light rain days, you will be able to spend time under your open porch while staying dry.

Macon Warner Robins Screened Porch wood floors fireplace
Screen porch by Archadeck of Central GA

Screened porches have many benefits. Compared to an open porch, a screen porch allows both bug protection and protection from the elements. There are other benefits to protection from the elements. This opens up your furniture choices quite a bit because the furniture will not have exposure to sun and pollen the way it would on an open porch or deck. A screen porch also allows you to have more options for amenities such as a mounted television.

Whether you choose a screened porch, open porch, or even a deck or patio, you should make sure to choose a reputable builder. This is a big investment and can add a lot of value to your home. You want to choose an experienced contractor with dozens if not hundreds of such projects under their belts. Archadeck of Central GA has been building in this area for over 21 years. We pride ourselves on quoting prices that we stick with and that have no hidden fees. We pride ourselves on being able to work with big design challenges. Often times customers will tell us that other contractors had said there was no way to fit a screen porch to the back of their home and we were able to design a solution. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers throughout the Central GA area.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

Give us a call for a free consultation for your new porch, deck, sunroom, patio, pergola, or whatever outdoor living area you have in mind. (478) 745 – 2000 or email us at

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