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The Archadeck dream makeover contest is over but you can still live the dream in your Central GA backyard!

Central GA custom entry pergola into outdoor living space combination
This elegant entry pergola was built as part of phased building project we completed which encompassed multiple outdoor living structure additions over an extended period of time.

Archadeck recently completed its Dream Home Makeover contest and some lucky Iowa homeowners took the prize. Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean you can’t still have your own dream backyard! Many of our clients plan their dream backyard and build it slowly over the course of a 2, 3 or even 4 year period. Being able to build the backyard of your dreams in phases as your lifestyle and budget permit is all part of our phased building program here at Archadeck of Central Georgia. Many times, our customers will come to us with a master plan in mind for their backyard. Other times, we will work together with the homeowners to create a master plan. No matter what type of outdoor living space we discuss building for our clients; we always ask them about their future building plans because if they have hopes for expanding their backyard space in the future we can incorporate the structural requirements for future additions into the outdoor space we are building for them. The cost to build scalable foundations to expand upon in the future is very minimal and it is only a small additional cost to build a deck with the footings to support a future roof or porch. Here are some of the stories and happy endings from multi-year phased building projects we have completed for our customers.

Central GA 3 freestanding screened porch addition project
This screened porch overlooks the tranquil Koi pond, just as the vision these homeowners had imagined.

Our first story involves a backyard dream come true that involves four outdoor living projects within a 6 year period. The homeowners came to us with an elaborate idea of what they had in mind for their backyard. Their vision included a deck, screened porch, koi pond with an adjoining creek with an entrance into the backyard that featured a pergola.  Archadeck of Central Georgia went over their master plan and knew we would be able to complete their backyard vision over an extended period of time. We began the project by building the deck first, which down the road was converted easily into a screened porch because of the structural components we built into the deck from the beginning. The following year we completed a secondary portion to the deck and shortly thereafter we completed the remainder of the second deck. The screened porch was designed as a freestanding structure which sits above the lovely koi pond.

Central GA deck builders
This is the lovely deck Archadeck of Central GA built as one of the phases of this outdoor living dream come true!
Central GA freestanding 3 season room project
This greenhouse was also part of the master plan.

Our second focus project involves many different projects in one backyard and was built over a 3 year period. To add to the complexity of this project the homeowners were working on remodeling their house as well. We started this project with a rain deck built from aluminum LockDry. We then went onto build a greenhouse, and garden garage for them. Archadeck of Central Georgia also constructed a chicken coop pergola for these homeowners. The chicken coop pergola was designed with a closed in poured concrete area for the homeowner’s chickens and is probably the nicest chicken coop in the entire state of Georgia! The final stage of this project was to build an additional deck onto the side of the house for these customers.

Central GA custom chicken coop as part of phased bldg. program
This custom chicken coop has to be the finest chicken abode in the state of GA!
Central GA Koi Pond deck custom phased bldg. project
Notice how the deck is incorporated into the Koi pond- the ultimate relaxation spot.

These projects will give new insight into just a few of the benefits our phased building program can provide. Sometimes homeowners know they want a phased project, other times they know what they want but don’t know how they are going to bring their outdoor vision to life. Archadeck of Central GA can assist you in coming up with a master plan to obtaining the backyard of your dreams so it can evolve over time. The most important part of gaining direction over your backyard is to decide on the spaces you want it to include. We build a lot of decks for customers who intend to build a porch onto it afterwards. If there’s is even an idea of adding a porch, such as a screened porch later, keep in mind it is a minimal cost to build a stronger support system into the deck with that in mind up front. Waiting until later to add these supports will actually cost more. Another key item to keep in mind if you intend to add a hot tub to your outdoor space in the future is that they  will require special footings for safety and structural integrity and often these cannot be added later on down the road. In the case of hot tubs the amendments must be added at the time of construction. Another space upgrade worth mentioning to us is the probability of adding an outdoor kitchen in the future, this way we can plan the necessary fundamentals into your outdoor space up front to save you a lot of headaches, and money in the future.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

If you are ready to begin working towards fulfilling your outdoor dream backyard makeover, contact Archadeck of Central GA today to learn more about our phased building program that will make each outdoor transition easy and budget friendly.Call us today for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000

You can see more examples of successful backyard dream spaces completed via our phased building program by visiting our deck photo galleries and our outdoor living photo galleries located on our website.

With outdoor kitchens, it starts with men’s favorite outdoor apparatus – the outdoor grill

North Macon outdoor kitchensOutdoor kitchens really revolve around the grill. The grill is the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen because all food prep, cooking, and serving are dictated by the primary outdoor kitchen activity which is grilling. Finally mens favorite outdoor tool becomes the center of attention. The size of the bar, design of the bar, and placement of the kitchen revolve around the cooking apparatus. It has to be in a spot where the cook will enjoy cooking. It’s a great idea to have an overhang on the outside of the bar to allow people to congregate and interact with the outdoor chef.

The next steps in planning an outdoor kitchen are to determine other amenities and to determine materials. First let me say that outdoor kitchens are not for everyone. Although they’re very pretty and very functional; a lot of money can be wasted if the outdoor kitchen. People are often surprised by the cost of the outdoor kitchen. They can run anywhere from $10,000 – $30,000. This sounds like a lot but in comparison, an indoor kitchen remodel can easily be between $50,000 – $100,000. This sounds like a lot but in comparison, a kitchen remodel can easily be between $50 – 100,000. Indeed there are non-permanent grill/sink/refrigerator combos that can be purchased at big box stores. But, these won’t feel like an outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen-warner robinsDetermining the other amenities is the next step in planning your outdoor kitchen. Options include a refrigerator, warming bins, drawer components, griddles or smokers, and possibly a sink. A refrigerator is a no brainer. It can be used to hold refreshments as well as items for cooking.

Next you’ll want to think about powering your outdoor kitchen. Do you want to have a functioning sink for food prep or rinsing? You may need to run water and sewer to the sink. Do you want a grill or other components that run on gas? You may need to run the gas line to the outdoor kitchen unit. Your kitchen will most likely have outlets to plug in blenders, lamps, or even laptops. This requires running electricity from the house. There are some ways to make this less expensive and we work creatively with our customers to create the space that’s right for them.

outdoor kitchen area-warner robinsFinally, decisions need to be made about materials. The kitchen surround can be brick, paver, stone, or even wood.  Then there’s the countertop. Like inside the home, you may use granite or quartz. There are good alternatives for outdoors that are less expensive but customers are often surprised that the countertop can be one of the most expensive elements of the outdoor kitchen.

From a construction perspective, this seemingly relatively small area can take a lot of hands to build. There may be up to 5 crews that are involved in building the outdoor kitchen. These include the framer, mason, plumber, countertop guy, electrician and the appliance guy.

If you’re considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard, it can bring a whole new space to your home allowing hours of family enjoyment and entertaining possibilities. Although the project is certainly a bit more complex than it looks, there are ways we can help keep the price down. Give us a call for a free consultation about building an outdoor kitchen at your home. Call our office at (478) 745 – 2000 or drop us an email at

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GAFor more pictures, please see our outdoor kitchen photo gallery on our website.


One important secret to our success is having crew members steeped with talent, trust and teamwork

Archadeck of Central GA crew members from left to right, Jay on left, Zeke next to him, other son Jacob, Mike, and myself.

At Archadeck of Central GA, many factors go into the quality of our work and the way we do business. These include experience, training, knowledge and a great track record for customer satisfaction. Another factor that determines the quality of our work is our crew. Archadeck of Central Georgia employs only experienced crews that come with trust and work quality from working together as a team for many years. Our two lead carpenters have been working with us for over 12 years.

pouring the aggregate base
It is all about teamwork. Here two of our crew members work together pouring the aggregate base for a paver patio.

Combining trust and teamwork adds a lot of value for Archadeck of Central GA customers. The team enjoys working with each other, trusts each other, and has chosen to work together year after year after year. This speaks volumes about the way we do business. Our ethic and commitment to quality is evident in everything we do. Our crews operate as well-oiled machines.

Archadeck of Central GA and our crews

When I bought the business in 1999, three crews came along with the business. One of these crews did not work out immediately. They were taking too long to get the projects completed.
The remaining crews went on to do their own thing shortly after I purchased the business. So I was looking at being without a crew. I asked our bookkeeper (who had dealt with every construction crew in the area)  whom she felt the best two crews in town were. I was able to hire those two crews (Jay & Mike) and they have been with me for over twelve years now.

Our 1st crew consists of a father/son team that have worked together since the son was 9 years old. His son, Zeke would come out and help Jay, his Dad and learn valuable knowledge of the trade. That same son is all grown up now and will soon be starting his own crew. Jay’s other son Jason is also part of this crew. Jay can build practically anything in the back yard. He specializes in decks and porches and also builds our paver patios. Jay is very organized, keeps his work site super clean and is very fast.

Archadeck building a paver patio
Each of our crew members brings a special talent to the job site.

Our 2nd crew is managed by Mike who is excellent at building decks and porches. Mike is also talented with aluminum porches and aluminum work. For aluminum porches, pergolas, and anything that needs fabrication like welding, Mike is the man. Mike is also very people oriented and our customers love him.

The reality of being an outdoor structure builder is when you are trying to put together an experienced crew, the nature of the trade attracts people who can only work well in temporary type basis. Since construction is a temporary type work, finding the right people can be a hit or miss situation. There is a reason why people look for short time employment and it typically is because they have challenges in their lives. Many times in this trade you can hire someone who has some experience and you may get lucky and get them when they’re doing well. But you might also get unlucky and get them when they’re not doing well. Finding the right individuals to make up a good crew can become like playing a game of Russian roulette. Archadeck of Central GA is fortunate to have two fine-tuned crews. When you decide to use us to create your outdoor living space, you get the peace of mind in knowing you are getting a knowledgeable, experienced team that resembles a family unit.

Having this unified team is a benefit to our customers for several reasons.

Warner Robins GA composite deck
Results like this are achieved through a team that works together and trusts one another.
  •  We know each other and how each of us work. Lines of communication are open so the projects work very smoothly. There’s no learning curve
  •  These guys specialize in doing Archadeck construction and they know things like span charts, footing sizes, etc. so they don’t need to look them up.
  •  Because they’re used to working in people’s back yards, they understand they are not working on a work site where nobody’s living. They are clean cut, they clean up when done, and don’t throw trash.
  • Our crews have a proven track record because they’ve been doing this so long
  • Our crews are stable since they’ve been with us a long time. They’re not going to end up in jail and will not come to work under any influence.
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

If you foresee an outdoor living project in your future, we can ensure your project is completed with the utmost professionalism and quality. Our outdoor spaces embody quality and expert designs. Contact Archadeck of Central GA for a free consultation.

You can see more examples of our quality workmanship and professionalism by visiting our deck galleries, porch galleries and our hardscape and patio gallery located on our website.

Archadeck of Central Georgia reminds homeowners that all they have to do is dream to enter our Dream Backyard Makeover Contest

Archadeck of Central GA Archadeck 2013 Dream Backyard contest

TimberTech deck Hawkinsville GA Archadeck
This TimberTech in Hawkins, GA is part of a stunning outdoor combination that includes a screened porch.

We are so excited to be offering a $70,000 Dream Backyard Makeover. The contest is already under way! In order to win, you must submit a picture of your yard and an overview of what your dream backyard makeover will include. One grand prize winner will receive an outdoor space valued at up to $70,000 co-sponsored by Archadeck,  TimberTech and  Belgard hardscapes. Here are some ideas to consider when deciding what your dream outdoor space will look like.

Color swatch for TimberTech earthwood evolutions
This color swatch from the TImberTech Earthwood Evolutions line details the many color choices from this particular series, which is just one of TimberTech’s product lines.

One great outdoor space combination includes a porch with an attached deck,  paver patio, and an outdoor kitchen. Imagine being able to grill, dine and enjoy the great outdoors any time you like in your own backyard.

If your dream backyard makeover entry includes a porch, you can include a screened porch or an open porch. Screened porches are great because they keep out bugs and keep out some of the water. Open porches have a roof but are open on the sides. This option is especially popular with an elevated porch since you may not need as much insect protection with an elevated porch.

If your dream backyard makeover space includes a deck, remember a deck is not always just a deck. Decks can include bump out spaces designed especially for a grill or smoker. Our custom deck designs can also incorporate built-in bench seating or planters. Your deck will include TimberTech low maintenance timbers.  TimberTech comes in a wide array of colors and pattern options. TimberTech has decking to suit any taste, from streaking and veining that mimics the look of real wood to sophisticated patterning to give your dream deck a custom look. You can even use a combination of hues by adding a picture frame border or other patterning techniques to give your new space drama.

When you visualize your dream hardscape, here are some hardscape elements to consider including. You may want your hardscape patio to include retaining walls, a fire pit, and even an outdoor kitchen. Belgard is the leader among hardscapes. Their huge selection allows you to create a space that is as rustic, or as modern as you like.

Belgard patio and outdoor kitchen combination
This Belgard patio and outdoor kitchen combination is just taste of what the ideal hardscape space could include. Imagine all the possibilities in a space such as this.
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

Archadeck of Central Georgia urges you to dream big for this amazing one of a kind contest. Your idea of what would make the ideal backyard for you may just win you the ultimate outdoor space. To enter the contest, visit the Archadeck of Central Georgia Facebook page and hit “like”. Then click on the large blue button that says “Win a Backyard…” This brings you one step closer to becoming one of our lucky finalists and one step closer to making your backyard dream a reality!

You can learn more about all of our breathtaking outdoor spaces by contacting Archadeck of Central GA. You can also see more examples of outdoor living combinations that deliver maximum function and beauty by visiting our deck galleries, our porch galleries and our outdoor living galleries located on our website.

Top 11 building and design trends, as well as upgrades, for your outdoor space in 2013

hardscape builder macon GA warner robins
Screened porches as well as hardscape designs such as patios and outdoor fireplaces remain at the top of many homeowner wish lists as we look to 2013.

Each of us starts off the New Year with aspirations and hopes of improving our lives in the upcoming year. These improvements can include freeing ourselves of bad habits and making changes to improve our health and appearance. Many homeowners begin making changes that will improve our lives and our lifestyle. Adding and upgrading areas in and around your home to get more enjoyment out of your home is at the top of many homeowners’ lists. With this in mind, Archadeck of Central Georgia has compiled a summary of what we see for hot building and design trends for 2013.

Building and design trends in outdoor living for 2013

Central Georgia Belgard hardscapes
This beautiful walkway was built usng Belgard hardscapes.
  1. We are continuing to watch the screened porch market grow. This is especially true when the screened porch becomes a room that can be utilized for 9 months out of the year or even longer with the inclusion of an outdoor fireplace. This is an inexpensive way to add a big living space to your backyard and home.
  2. Hardscapes will continue to be a growth area for us in 2013. Patios are becoming more and more popular in the Central GA market. We expect growth in the higher-end patio build and design market which includes outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. This is an ideal choice for a patio home with a flat yard or those homeowners who already have a concrete patio which is too small or does not provide adequate function.
  3. Among the top choices for hardscapes is Belgard’s Chattahoochee blend. This beautiful blend contains purples and browns. We continue to get requests for this color, in particular because it contains enough brown to hide dirt effectively.
  4. Multi-area outdoor spaces will continue to grow as well. Multi- area spaces and outdoor living combinations provide multiple uses for one space. People will continue to want to build more outdoor kitchens, and fire pits. These areas can be used on patios and decks to increase the length of usable time for the space.
  5. Fire pits continue to grow in popularity within our market. Not only is the fire pit a relatively inexpensive way to add ambiance and rustic beauty to your outdoor setting, but people really love them.
  6. Interest in composite and PVC (synthetic) decks will continue to grow in popularity in the New Year. Adding a synthetic deck make sense for less maintenance and maintaining your deck’s beauty and value over time.
    Screen Porch - Macon GA
    Screened porches continue to be one of the most requested outdoor spaces for 2013.
  7. AZEK PVC trim boards have started to become popular for people who also want a more finished look to their outdoor space. We can use these to wrap the deck, edge band, column posts and risers in white. Most houses have white windows and trim so the white PVC finishes match really nicely.
  8. A great way to add pizzazz to a deck without adding really expensive custom elements is to use a two-tone color design. This can be achieved with an outline, or even parting boards. This kind of design trend adds little additional cost to the homeowner and adds loads of personality to your deck.
  9. One thing we’ve seen is a great deal of repair work that has been put off with homeowner’s existing outdoor spaces because of the recent economy. The economy is improving and if you are thinking of selling your home, the needed repairs will have to be addressed in order to place your home on the market. Personally, I have seen a number of decks that need repair so we foresee a great deal of safety inspection and repair work in 2013.
  10. Beyond minor repairs, we anticipate there will be some re-decking without changing the size and shape of existing decks as well as adding new railing to many decks to improve the salability of homes. Re-decking can be a valuable way to add beauty and longevity to your deck, this is the case whether you are staying in your home or plan to sell in the near future. Deciding to upgrade to a synthetic will add value over time, and will leave you more time to enjoy your outdoor space without the worry of constant maintenance.
  11. With existing screened porches we are seeing the popularity of converting their screens to EZE Breeze windows. This is the case with many porch owners because it extends the amount of time you can enjoy your space. It also offers versatile function that can enable your porch to function as a three-season, or even a four-season room with minimal effort.
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

Whether you are considering a new outdoor structure addition this year, or are looking to upgrade an existing outdoor space to deliver more enjoyment and appeal, Archadeck of Central Georgia can transform your outdoor space into everything you always hoped it could be. Contact us today to learn more. Call today for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000 Visit our deck gallery, our patio and hardscape gallery and our screened porch gallery located on our website to see more examples of trending outdoor structure designs for 2013. learn more. Call today for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000

Visit our deck gallery, our patio and hardscape gallery and our screened porch gallery located on our website to see more examples of trending outdoor structure designs for 2013.

Archadeck of Central Georgia reflects upon a year of blessings and a wonderful holiday season


Stephen and Katherine
Stephen and Katherine at the Goodwill Gala

As I take a moment to reflect upon the past year, it is filled with blessings. I am fortunate to say my family is healthy, happy and doing great. My better half, Katherine, is doing well personally and in her personal organization business, Katherine is in her 17th year and was specializing in professional organizing before it was the “cool” thing to do. She provides home organization, book keeping, office organization and speaks to professional groups about organizing, planning , and motivation.

Kate with her tennis trophy

Our oldest, Kate, is at Tattnall Academy and she plays on the Varsity Tennis Team. She played her first USTA tournament this year and won the consolidation bracket!”

Tate in the lab/workshop we built for him.

Our younger children, Keely and Tate, are in the gifted program at Howard.

Keely Keely is playing violin and piano and performing in concerts while Tate is into everything that involves electronics. Among building electronic devices, for Christmas he asked for wires, brackets, transistors and soldering units. I even went as far as to build him a lab in the walk-in attic to further his interest in electronics. I am thankful to have three wonderful children that are devoted to their aspirations and hobbies.

My crew here at Archadeck of Central Georgia consists of the same two lead guys I have had since 2001, Mike and Jay. Zeek, Jay’s son, has been working with us since the tool belt he wore was bigger than he was! Zeek is now old enough to run his own crew and we are hoping when the economy turns he will have the opportunity to run his own separate crew. I am really thankful to have all of these guys.. They are honest, hardworking, trustworthy, and are great to work with. Having this kind of camaraderie makes the business run like a well-oiled machine.

Archadeck of Central GA CREWS
The wonderful crew here at Archadeck of Central GA

With Archadeck of Central GA, we are holding our own in this difficult economy and the future continues to look bright. We keep looking into other outdoor living spaces opportunities in an effort to provide our clients more choices such as hardscapes which have been doing great the past few years. We anticipate that when the economy turns we will be inundated with work. We have seen a lot of projects within homeowners’ backyards that have been put on hold, a number of which are safety issues that are going to have to be addressed. This year in particular I have inspected many decks that are not safe. These have been a result of safety issues that should’ve been addressed 2-3 years prior. We foresee an explosive workload when the economy turns around because people (such as the unsafe deck owners) know they need to put money into their home, but have been holding off until things begin to look better in the economy.

In addition to my many blessings and prosperity in my personal and business life, I have to mention my continued involvement with Goodwill industries and Polly’s Hospitality institute. I am on my 5th year as Secretary on the Board of Directors for Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA. I am in my 3rd year serving as Chairperson on the Education Committee for Helms College, which is the first accredited college of Goodwill. I am also in my 6th year as serving for the Chairperson for the Tuition Assistance Committee for Polly’s Hospitality Institute, which is the culinary program of Helms College which trains chefs and is accredited through the American Culinary Federation. These organizations are dedicated to enriching the lives of those whom otherwise would not have the means. Goodwill believes in a “hand up” approach rather than a “hand out”, I am proud to be involved so closely with the many facets of this evolving organization which holds a special place in my heart.

From our family to yours, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more about adding an outdoor structure that will help you enrich the special moments spent with the ones you hold dear. (478) 745 – 2000

Top 5 reasons not to be your own contractor by Archadeck of Central GA

Macon GA screened porch with fireplace
It is important to let a professional take the reins and see to it that your outdoor dreams are brought to life in a timely manner with quality workmanship and materials.

When it comes to adding an outdoor living space to your home, there are certain things that should not be undertaken or decided upon without the help of an expert. These things are quality, structural expertise, cost, and safety. These are the aspects that may be lost when deciding to be your own general contractor for your structural outdoor project. I like to compare the pitfalls that homeowners experience when choosing to be their own general contractor to representing yourself in a trial with no prior experience of how the judicial system operates. A novice taking on their own defense would not be familiar with the judge, the district attorneys, or even how to present a case. All good intentions aside in order to represent yourself you need the guidance of an experienced professional with knowledge of the courtroom. The same can be said about an experienced contractor. A seasoned builder or contractor knows the business and how it operates, how to get the best values on the highest quality materials and how to avoid being pushed onto the back burner of the schedule.

5 reasons to not be your own general contractor

Archadeck of Central GA quality sub contractors
Archadeck of Central GA only uses sub-contractors that are experts in the quality and workmanship of their given trade.

1) Risk – if you are acting as your own contractor there will be substantial risks involved. These can range from the design, the construction and the people you hire to work for you. Being a homeowner and taking on these risks means there is no recourse for holding subcontractors accountable if something goes wrong. Since you are not licensed as a contractor you are accepting all the risk. In addition to the liability and danger involved if an accident such as a fire happens, your homeowner’s insurance does not cover the risk associated with deciding to take on the role of a general contractor. Reputable sub-contractors you seek to complete the work will require an up-to-date certificate of insurance showing you are covered in the event of an accident.

2) Expertise– the sub-contractors hired will have to be supervised and instructed. Questions like “how deep are the footings supposed to be”, and “how many nails should go in the joist” commonly arise. Knowledge of code requirements is also crucial when managing a building project. In order to play the role of a general contractor you must have knowledge and be well-versed in conveying the proper structural requirements to the subs when needed. Without the skill, experience and expertise; you will be left in the dark. This means when the inspections are completed and something doesn’t meet code, or is done incorrectly, you as the general contractor will have to fix it.

Our customers our priority one and we uphold the highest expectations of each contractor, safety and the highest quality materials.

3) Costs– licensed contractors have relationships with their suppliers. They deal with them on a regular basis and are repeat customers. This relationship between the contractor, the supplier and the sub-contractors helps facilitate honesty between the groups. Suppliers want good relationships with their contractors and sub-contractors because they want repeat business. This rapport means that they are more apt to be treated fairly on price and delivery versus doing business with a one-time customer. You are not likely to get the same discounts or prompt delivery as that of one their regular contractors.

4) Timing – suppliers will make sure the deliveries for the contractors they deal with as repeat customers on a regular basis are top priority. Deliveries for one time clients are generally placed last. The same can be said about the scheduling importance of your sub-contractors. Since yours is a one time job they will likely not have the same incentive to get the work completed in a timely manner as the jobs of their repeat contractors. They will prioritize their better relationships over your job of someone they are not familiar with and will likely never work for again. Building is a realm where contractors, subs and suppliers take care of their “own” before any others, much like a family would.

5) Quality – this is especially a concern where sub-contractors are concerned. Many quality subs already have specific contractors which they will only work for. It is difficult to find a good sub that will work for you as a one-time deal. The inability to hire quality sub-contractors will set the stage for inferior or sub-standard work, because all the quality workers are already scheduled on jobs for licensed contractors. This is a major pitfall for homeowners acting as their own general contractor because it can lead to problems in the future as a result of shoddy workmanship.

The best way to avoid these dilemmas is to hire a licensed general contractor to oversee your outdoor structure project. Archadeck of Central Georgia specializes in taking the pressure off of the homeowner and ensuring a safe and trained work environment with skilled sub-contractors, turn-key pricing and quality workmanship in a timely manner. If you are looking for an answer to “all of the above”, we can provide it for a lot less than you may expect. Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more and to discuss how we can bring your outdoor living dreams to life. Call for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000

See more of our award-winning outdoor living projects by visiting our deck gallery and  our outdoor living gallery located on our website. Quality you can see and feel in every project we build!

Now is the time to invest in your Central Georgia outdoor space

Forsyth GA screen porch design rendering Archadeck
Forsyth GA screen porch design rendering Archadeck

If there is any point in the year where a homeowner can reap the most benefit from building their outdoor structure, it is now. Choosing to go ahead in the fall or winter with the outdoor living project you’ve been dreaming of ensures you can enjoy it on those “Indian Summer Days” during the cooler months as well as the very minute that spring begins. Whether early or late, your outdoor room will not only be enjoyable during the winter but it will also be ready to enjoy the Spring whenever it arrives.

A heaping helping of value

Avoiding any price increases in the new calendar year is an important consideration when thinking about the timing of your project. Labor prices are really low in this economy and are only predicted to go up as the economy improves. The same is true of raw materials that are used in building such as wood, concrete and even sand. Typically the market experiences an increase in the price of materials in the spring. This increase is driven up by the simple theory of supply and demand at the lumber yard. A good example of this is evident with the use of pressure treated lumber. The majority of outdoor living structures are built using pressure treated lumber and it is kept in inventory at the lumber yards only enough to meet demand. Lumber prices fluctuate and the price of pressure treated wood  products won’t go down because they simply don’t make as much.

ipe deck - macon GA by Archadeck
Fall and winter is a time when prices for raw materials, such as wood are at their lowest prices of the year.

Crews that work in the cooler months are often more productive as well. The blistering temperatures of the Central Georgia summers can be dangerous and require more hydration breaks for carpenters and contractors. If you ask a carpenter which season he or she prefers to build in, they will always tell you the winter simply because of the milder temperatures and lack of humidity. There are no restrictions in our area from working in the cold because it never really gets too cold here in Georgia.

Another plus to fall and winter construction is it causes less trauma to your turf and landscape. It is actually better for your yard to build during the cooler months. This is in part due to turf grass and plant dormancy that naturally occurs in the winter. Although we take a lot of precautions to not cause damage to the yard while digging footings, delivery and foot traffic, a certain amount of damage is inevitable. Having the luxury of time to let your landscape heal over the winter will help it bounce back in the spring good as new.

round deck design drawing - hawkinsville - georgia
This Archadeck design rendering shows our Hawkinsville GA clients exactly what their project is going to look like at their home

Out of all the projects Archadeck of Central Georgia has built over the years not one single customer has ever said “I wish I had waited to build my outdoor structure”. A recent study conducted by Harvard Business School indicates the median waiting period of a homeowner thinking about building and actually getting started on a project is generally two years. The study also indicates that there is no advantage to waiting for two years to break ground on your project. The factor to remember is that a professionally built outdoor space adds value to your home. It is not like a car which depreciates significantly the minute you drive it off the lot. Outdoor living projects are an honest and tangible investment to your home which is like moving money from the bank to your backyard. And how often do you get to enjoy that money in the bank. Would you not rather be enjoying the sunset with your spouse while sitting on your new Archadeck outdoor living room. You can put your money back in the bank after you sell the house.

If uncertainty about how long you are planning on staying in your home is holding you back, don’t let that factor enter into your decision. If you are going to be in your house for at least two years, you will reap the return on your investment. This means that you will get your money back out of your investment and get the luxury of enjoying the space while you are still in your home. It is a win/win situation.

Now lets say your current deck or porch is in disrepair. Are you going to be able to sell your house without addressing the issue or discounting the price of your home? Why not upgrade or repair now and enjoy the space until you sell?

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

If you are ready to ensure your outdoor space is ready right on time for the outdoor living season, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia today. You will be glad you did. Call us for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000

Don’t forget an outdoor structure also makes the perfect way to make that special someone’s holiday dreams come true. A gift that keeps giving year after year! Check out our outdoor fireplace and fire pit gallery, or our screened porch gallery located on our website for inspiration.

This project in Macon, GA proves that a few changes can make a huge impact for homeowners facing mobility challenges

As an outdoor structure builder I meet with homeowners that are searching for outdoor spaces to fit their individual needs. These needs may encompass adding more space to a patio for dining, or making changes to their existing space to accommodate lifestyle and health changes. Many times I meet homeowners that have more specific needs, such as mobility challenges. My goal is to create the solution that provides the best for each individual customer. Many builders look at projects that involve accommodating mobility challenges as architectural or technical challenges. Archadeck of Central Georgia looks at finding solutions from a caring point of view in order make the form fit the function instead of the other way around.

macon - deck stairs
Design rendering for upcoming deck stair project in Macon, GA.

This particular project in Macon, GA initially began as a ramp construction. The codes regarding ramp construction are very strict when it comes to the required length and elevation changes. After discussing the options with the homeowner we came up with a plan that was a nicer alternative to a ramp. A gentle set of stairs that gently ascend and descend turned out to be the perfect option for this homeowner. We were able to achieve the three key aspects that were crucial to this project. The design functions just as it needs to, looks the way the homeowners want it to and is in the right price range.

abaco decking - macon GA
Abaco decking features a grooved side which is perfect for added stability and traction.

When you are building with the specific needs of mobility challenges in mind, often times functional doesn’t mean it will look the part or be affordable. We were able to do use stairs with a shallower rise, longer tread and wider pass to take care of this homeowner’s needs. Seven to 7-1/2 inches is the standard vertical distance on the rise of most stairs. We were able to move that down to 4 inches to make the step easier for a homeowner to travel. By adding an additional board for the tread area of the stair you can increase the depth of the area from a traditional tread length of 10 inches up to 15.5 inches to add a roomier and safer tread. Our standard 4 foot wide stairs allow for easy traffic flow and are also a great benefit for mobility. With a nice 4 foot stair if you stumble you can still easily reach both sides of the rail. We can also add a grab rail on the railing that is specifically designed to steady you. This inclusion is required by code on commercial projects, but not on residential projects in our area.

Another added safeguard to our stair design is the area where the landing begins. This is typically 4 feet which allows space at the top of the stairs to be able to open and close the door. In many projects this is not always possible, but in special circumstances it can make a huge impact on the design. If a smaller landing presents issues, we can sometimes reverse the door swing to swing in rather than out to compensate for the lack of space available at the landing area.

When keeping mobility in mind, we always use decking which meets or exceeds the code for slip resistance. Some materials work better than others when choosing a stair that will aid in mobility. For this project we chose Abaco hardwood decking which is grooved on one side for less slippage and better traction. Abaco is a beautiful tropical hardwood decking that resists splintering, twisting and cracking. It is not only readily used for added traction is also a natural hardwood that requires less maintenance than standard pressure treated pine.

Our caring and personalized solutions to the homeowner’s needs are one of the things that makes Archadeck of Central GA unique. These Macon, GA homeowners are looking forward to their completed stairs and the way in which they will add greater freedom to their outdoor lifestyle and safety as well.Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

If you or someone in your family is facing special circumstances or mobility issues we can help. Archadeck of Central Georgia can design an outdoor space with their special needs in mind that will enable continued outdoor enjoyment for everyone in the family. Contact for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000

To see more examples of outdoor spaces that utilize specific needs and function visit our Wooden deck gallery and composite and vinyl deck gallery located on our website, many of our designs use slip resistant decking that can aid in improving traction and safety in your outdoor space.


What the Archadeck difference means to Archadeck of Central GA

Warner Robins deck
Each of our structures comes with a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship.

You may have heard of “the Archadeck difference”. But what do these 3 words mean?

Archadeck is the 8th largest outdoor living company in the US, Canada and Japan. As a proud part of Archadeck I get the benefit of working with a large company with a headquarters engineering team that stays on top of engineering, architecture, building codes, new materials, and changes in the industry. With having superior warranties and work ethic, Archadeck offers a superb building process. Archadeck owners have the confidence of knowing we are backed by a corporate leader and get to offer the same customer service as that of a small, home town company. We run the kind of company where we get to know our clients on a level where we can give them a truly custom job.

Macon GA screened porch with fireplace
This Macon, GA screened porch is the perfect spot for friends and family to gather.

As a whole, the construction industry often does not have a good reputation. More than half the home-remodeling shows you see flipping through the channels are talking about a contractor that did something wrong, or ways to avoid repairs down the road. It is a constant repeat of the “don’t let this happen to you” theme. Archadeck of Central Georgia is indeed different. All our drawings are reviewed carefully by corporate headquarters. All of the lumber requirements, plans, sizes of joists, footings, posts and even the number of screws are reviewed carefully by our engineering department. No stone is left un-turned in providing the customer with the highest level of quality and materials on each project.

At Archadeck of Central GA, we are the company that provides you with a structure or outdoor living space filled with craftsmanship and quality. We want lifetime customers. Our customers have moved and have called us to build outdoor living spaces at their new homes.

When you contact Archadeck of Central GA you get real people, not a computerized robot. We meet with you, one-on-one and go over your individual needs and wants carefully before we compose a specification sheet or drawing. Most companies send out a sales guy looking for commission. We aren’t that company, we are seasoned, caring builders who take pride in every project we do.

Perry GA Cypress pergola

I think it was Marcus Aurelius, the wise roman solider who said” A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions.” With that being said, my goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives by creating living spaces worthy of truly living in their backyards. There is nothing greater than being in the company of the ones you love and having an outdoor space that provides a functional comfortable place for that to happen, this is my ambition.Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn what makes the Archadeck difference a true difference indeed; a difference you can see, feel and trust.

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