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Can you turn your deck into a porch? Can you turn your screened porch into a 3-season room? Archadeck of Central GA explains how.

Macon GA screened porch with gable roofOne common question we receive is about converting an existing space to a better space. Let’s say you have a deck that’s not too old and is in great shape but you want to get more use out of the space. Do you have to scrap a perfectly good deck to convert it to a porch? You shouldn’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

If you have a deck that’s in good condition, you should not need to scrap it to convert it into either an open porch or a screened porch. The caveat here is the interpretation of “good condition”. How is the substructure. How sound is it? Most often we will find deck substructures that are well built and, even when aged, are still capable of supporting growth (with some assistance). Here’s what we mean. A roof is tremendously heavy. Deck substructures are not built to accommodate the addition of a roof unless you had the substructure built to support a future roof addition. But, we can most often design and implement support enhancements which then allow the addition of a roof to your deck.

Sunroom-Eze Breeze-Warner Robins lrCan you turn a porch into a room?

There are many variations of outdoor rooms ranging anywhere from an open porch to a screened porch to a porch with 3-season windows to a fully insulated room with heating and cooling. Here in Central GA, the addition of a vinyl window system such as Eze-Breeze will help you turn your screened porch into a 3-season room making the room usable for most of the year. Today’s vinyl windows are nothing like they used to be. The vinyl is super clear, very strong, and integrated into a track window system making it a permanent addition to your room. Eze-Breeze windows are built to suit your existing or new room. Their track system allows you to expose from 25% up to 75% of the window area. Better yet, you can open the windows from the top or bottom. Depending on the weather conditions, this flexibility is a great plus.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you have a great outdoor space and want to add some sun protection, rain protection, or weather protection, give us a call. We’re glad to provide a free consultation to determine if your space can be converted or upgraded. Call us at (478) 745 – 2000, email us at or visit our website at


The 4 things you didn’t know about Eze-Breeze® vinyl windows

Archadeck 3-season room with Eze-Breeze windowsIf you aren’t already familiar with Eze-Breeze® window systems, it’s time to fix that! Eze-Breeze is a revolutionary product that transforms the traditional Macon screened porch to a 3-season room that offers all of the best features of outdoor living with none of the drawbacks.

# 1 Eze-Breeze windows look like glass, but they are not

When you see photos of a Warner Robins porch that has Eze-Breeze windows, you will likely assume that you are looking at traditional glass windows. Their crystal clear clarity is comparable to glass, but they are actually made of 10-mil vinyl glazing. You can choose your featherweight vinyl in a range of colors, depending on if you want to include some built-in shading. In addition to saving you money, this product will stretch rather than shatter when it is put under stress. Within minutes of a push or a hit to the vinyl, the product will reform to its original shape. Their 10-year warranty against most kinds of damage is the best you will find anywhere and puts traditional glass windows to shame.

#2 Eze-Breeze vinyl offers protection from all the elements: including pollen

Sunroom-Eze Breeze-Warner Robins lrWe don’t see much snow in Georgia, but Eze-Breeze will keep the elements on the outside where they belong. Protect your furniture, rugs, sound system or anything else you like to enjoy on your porch with these amazing vertical or horizontal sliding windows. They will keep out rain, snow, wind, pollen, and mosquitoes: all of the scourges of outdoor living. When you want to welcome in a breeze, just give them a quick slide to open and you have 75% smooth airflow almost instantly.

#3 More resilient than glass

Glass has strength and heft. With those two features also comes significant expense. Eze-Breeze offers an enticing alternative. Push against one of the vinyl panes and it will snap back into shape. Price glass versus Eze-Breeze vinyl and you’ll see less of an impact on your wallet as well. You can’t buy a custom glass window system at a comparable price. You can’t repair a damaged window pane as easily.

#4 Eze-Breeze is the secret to low maintenance porch living

Eze-Breeze vinyl is easier to clean than traditional glass windows. A spray with a garden hose is usually all you need to keep your view clear and crisp. Forget about storing patio furniture for the winter. When your windows are up, the furniture is beautifully protected from rain, dirt and grime. You will still have to clean that disgusting yellow film off your car in the spring, but your porch furniture and carpet will be clean and ready for use daily when it sits behind the protective shield of Eze-Breeze custom windows and doors.

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Can the screen on your Central GA Porch keep the pollen at bay?


Warner Robins-Eze Breeze lrAs if we weren’t already sneezing enough, the surefire sign that pollen season has come is that lovely yellow dusting that greets us at our car each day, sits atop our outdoor cushions, and constantly has us itching and blowing our noses. Then there’s the perennial struggle. The weather finally warmed up and the last thing we want to do is have our allergies keep us inside. Is there any scenario that’s truly the best of both worlds? Many of our clients ask us if  the screening on a porch will keep the pollen at bay. As you can imagine, nothing can completely keep pollen at bay even though screens do cut down on the pollen that settles on your porch furniture. But, have no fear, this is not a no-win situation. A great solution does exist.

It’s a Breeze

We can equip your new screened porch with windows that double as screened or as closable vinyl windows. Eze Breeze is a 4-track window system that has both a screen and a clear vinyl window component.

Eze-Breeze is strong and durableThese crystal clear windows offer the ability to open at 25%, 50% or a full 75% from either the top or bottom of its full length frame. Constructed of a modern, impact-resistant vinyl, these panes can withstand being stretched nearly 12 inches without losing their shape integrity. This makes these windows perfect for outdoor rooms, which may encounter more than the usual share of bocce or croquet balls, not to mention Rover who may run up to the window a little too enthusiastically. These quality windows, which we can install onto your existing porch, magically transform the space into a 3-season room. We can either add Eze-Breeze windows to your new porch or retrofit many porch windows for an Eze-Breeze window system. Although it feels long, pollen season comes and goes before too long. You may have to keep the vinyl windows closed during pollen season or just keep a portion of your screens open during that time. Then, slide the windows open to experience the full breeze and smell of fresh air.

If you have a porch in need of a little more protection than screens provide, this may be the perfect solution. The additional seasonal benefit comes in the fall and very early spring when the clear vinyl windows provide just enough temperature protection to allow you to enjoy more time outside as the cold is settling in for the winter or hasn’t yet let up leading up to spring.

Each window is custom made to fit your particular porch’s measurements and, in many cases, can be installed in as little as three weeks. Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn how we can transform your everyday backyard area into something beyond the usual, something extraordinary. We can take the potential your outdoor living area already has and improve upon it, or even build your dream backyard starting from scratch.

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