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Want to make your Macon outdoor living space sizzle this season? Try adding a little green.

macon GA-green egg-outdoor kitchen lr
Take a look at the perfect Big Green Egg cooking space we built at this Macon GA home. You want your cooker to be on a secure base right at the perfect height.

Spring has sprung in the Macon and Warner Robins area and with it marks the debut of the outdoor living season. Part of what makes outdoor living so much fun is outdoor dining and food preparation. Being in the business of designing and building outdoor living spaces, we have seen our fair share of grills, smokers and other outdoor cooking implements come and go. However, in our experience, among the flurry there is one outdoor smoker that is tried and true — the Big Green Egg.

Green egg-Macon GA-deck
Here’s another great way we can integrate your cooker into your Macon and Warner Robins area kitchen. With this method, you have built in counter space to put your spatula and zesty cooking sauce.

Archadeck of Central GA has had many customers design their outdoor living space, or outdoor kitchen addition, with an Egg as the center of attention. You can expand your outdoor food preparation capabilities by adding an Egg to your list of amenities. In our experience, many homeowners opt for the larger size when considering it within their outdoor addition. Since these cookers are quite heavy, a stationary location can make functionality run smoother by integrating the Egg into an outdoor counter top at grilling height. This will safeguard against tipping the Egg and it looks great when built into your outdoor living space.

The Big Green Egg is widely acclaimed as the original American-designed ceramic cooker and this modern culinary marvel stands alone as the most versatile barbecue and outdoor cooking product on the market. Eggs offer more capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined. From the perfect steak, melt-in-your-mouth ribs to appetizers, the Egg is a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen.

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Your new Warner Robins outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be completely outdoors

Warner Robins outdoor kitchen xlrWhen these Warner Robins GA homeowners called, they knew exactly how they wanted to live outdoors. They wanted to update their screen porch and add a covered area for an outdoor Kitchen. After much discussion, we proposed updating their porch and adding the outdoor kitchen within the existing porch, This adding the cost of a grill hood but avoiding the cost of another roof structure. This helped keep the cost down.

Outdoor kitchens continue to be more and more popular and can can be designed in all shapes and sizes. If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen, there are a couple popular configurations from modest to downright fabulous. Here are some configurations that Central GA area homeowners choose based on scale and budget.

One of the most basic configurations includes a grill top cooking area on a small bar with a modest amount of counter space on either side of the grill. These outdoor kitchen units often live on decks or toward one side of a patio. The next level up might include a built-in storage area. This configuration might not require running power or gas to the outdoor kitchen if traditional grill propane tanks are stored within the kitchen unit.

Moving up another notch to a more sophisticated outdoor kitchen, you might add electricity to power a compact refrigerator and some lighting. Also popular is building a shelf to the back side of the unit. If the shelf is cantilevered over the far side, it can be used as a bar. Add a few bar stools and guests can interact with the chef while the feast is prepared.

Warner Robins outdoor kitchen drawing lrThe outdoor kitchen we just built in Warner Robins has most of the bells and whistles. One thing people often don’t realize is there can be a substantial cost in building an outdoor kitchen. Think about the cost of an indoor kitchen renovation. An outdoor kitchen can cost that and more since the outdoor area needs to be built to withstand the elements.

One of the most important things to consider before adding any type of outdoor living space is how you will use the area. Think of your formal dining room. While it’s a beautiful room and often a show piece, it’s likely a room that is very seldom used. Had you considered the number of times you would entertain in a formal room or have family dinners in a formal room, you may have decided to allocate that space for a different purpose.

An outdoor space could fall prey to the same problems if your lifestyle just doesn’t warrant spending a lot of time outdoors. Let’s say mosquitoes are a big problem, you have a deck instead of an enclosed area, and you would like to cook outside. In that scenario, it’s unlikely that you would use the space very much. This Warner Robins family knew they wanted to frequently cook while avoiding the bugs. Together we designed the perfect space for how they want to live. Our porch customers often tell us that their screened porch is their favorite room in the house – I suspect that will be even more of the case for this family with all the different ways they can use their porch.

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If outdoor kitchens could talk, this is what this Milledgeville GA outdoor kitchen would tell you about making an outdoor kitchen more cost effective

Milledgeville-outdoor kitchen lrWhen you hear outdoor kitchen, you immediately envision a large space with all the “fixins”. And, your mind starts calculating all the dollars and cents involved in adding an outdoor kitchen. For this Milledgeville family, the outdoor kitchen was almost an afterthought but the way we did it made this afterthought possible.

These homeowners had an existing deck in need of some work. It was in some disrepair did not fit with with the condition of the rest of the house. If this new Fiberon composite deck could talk, it would whisper a few great ways ways to get the structure you want, with great materials at a much more affordable cost.

Your existing deck may be a great fit for re-decking

The first secret is re-decking. Re-decking means keeping the existing deck structure but adding a new face to it with new decking boards and a new railing. A good bit of the expense in building a deck is in the sub-structure. While the structure needed some reinforcement like some additional joists, we were able to use the existing substructure and just add new decking boards.

Forgo the drop-in and outdoor rated materials

Outdoor Kitchen-Milledgeville lr
You would never know that this custom outdoor kitchen utilizes a standard Weber grill and a traditional compact refrigerator

If you’ve shopped around for outdoor kitchens or outdoor kitchen elements, you know the components can be incredibly expensive. But the next secret is that sometimes you may not need drop-in grill tops or even an outdoor rated refrigerator. Taking a look at this picture, you’d probably never know but the grill is a standard Weber grill that we built into the kitchen unit. And, believe it or not, the refrigerator is a standard compact refrigerator rated for indoor use. While drop-in outdoor cook tops can easily be $2,000 – $4,000 or more, this standard Weber grill was a fraction of that cost. There are a couple other benefits related to integrating a stand-alone grill into an outdoor kitchen unit. If something breaks on the grill or if it just becomes rusty and aged, you can purchase a new grill to insert into the area just like you would a drop-in stove. Further, there’s no reason to run gas to your outdoor grill. Underneath this grill is the standard gas can that you fill at your local neighborhood grocery store. Your guests will think your kitchen includes an expensive grill top and cabinetry.

The refrigerator used is a traditional indoor rated refrigerator. Because the refrigerator is under the cover of the bar top, it is protected enough to last without any more problems than you would have if it was used inside. A few years down the line, if you need to, just pop it out and replace it with a newer mini fridge of the same size. The electrical ground fault circuit interrupter is built into the kitchen unit.

Milledgeville-outdoor kitchen stone bar lrThe secret of synthetic stone

Synthetic stone has come so far. It truly is indistinguishable from genuine stone in every way except for the price. We used Suncrest stone veneer in Banks County Stack to face this outdoor kitchen unit. Synthetic stone veneers come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. We selected the stone facade you see here in colors that compliment the colors we find in this area of Central GA.

Keeping the railing pricing down

The decking boards are Fiberon ProTect Advantage in Chestnut color. The bones of the railing are built with pressure-treated pine. Atop the railing are Fiberon deck boards matching the ones used on the deck. This gives the custom look at a more affordable price. Using composite or synthetic materials for railing may not be a necessary expense. The weather is a lot more forgiving to vertical structures than it is to horizontal structures such as railings. So, while synthetic is a great fit for decking and the railing cap, the expense can be spared with the posts and spindles. These particular customers did select beautiful baroque balusters which were another nice complement to the other materials used.

You will meet all sorts of contractors. Some will want to sell the biggest and most expensive project they can. Some will be looking for a quick job because of cash flow. Others have been building in their local area for a long time and want to give the best solution to their local area homeowners. While other builders might not have suggested these cost efficiencies to their customers, we regularly offer or advocate cost saving options that make sense for how the homeowners plan on using their outdoor space. We’ve been in Central GA for 23 years and plan to continue to be here for many years to come.

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