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Archadeck of Central GA agrees with these Wesleyan Woods homeowners: Sometimes smaller is better

Macon Deck and Porch In Wesleyan WoodsIf your heart is telling you that you’d prefer a smaller outdoor living space, then by George, it’s time to stop, listen and downsize.  Every now and then we work with homeowners who want to go smaller rather than bigger when it comes to their outdoor living space. As the premier Macon and Warner Robins deck and porch designers/builders, Archadeck of Central Georgia will fully support you in this decision.

At Archadeck of Central GA, we don’t just build, we design and build outdoor living spaces. To design, we first listen to you, the homeowner, as you describe the space you have in mind. We won’t try to talk you into something bigger or fancier than you want.


In the case of these homeowners in Macon’s Wesleyan Woods neighborhood, they had a large deck that was part of the house when they purchased it, and this deck was too big for them. We have found, as deck designers, that when a deck stretches out too far from the house, the homeowners tend to push their furniture farther and farther out to get closer to the yard. From a design standpoint, that’s not a great use of space.

Before we began the project:
Before we began the project:

What’s more, these clients truly wanted a screened porch, not a deck, so this project falls into the category of deck-to-screened-porch conversions. They did, however, request a small (10×12) side deck off the new screened porch as a place for their grill.

A deck-to-screened-porch conversion is similar to a redecking in that once we remove the deck floor, we have to evaluate the existing posts, beams and joists to determine whether we can still use them. In this case, some of the original joists were still in good shape but there was not enough, so we had to add more. However, the posts and beams of the original joists were still in good shape, so we were able to use those. We also replaced the stairs, but we designed them to end on the same path where the original deck stairs ended.

Wesleyan Woods Deck and Porch Builders

The Wesleyan Woods homeowners selected pressure-treated wood as the building material for their screened porch and side deck. We installed white screened panels for the screened porch because the clients plan to use a solid white stain for the porch, inside and out. In keeping with the porch and side deck, the pickets and railings are built with wood. We also built special Chippendale panels for the side deck; that was one aspect of the original deck the homeowners wanted to recreate.

Wesleyan Woods Screened Porch BuilderWesleyan Woods Screened Porch Builder

As with all porches Archadeck of Central GA builds, we installed screening under the porch floor between the joists and the floor boards. This is important as a barrier to keep insects and other debris from coming up through the porch floor. Many of our clients are surprised to learn we do this.

Wesleyan Woods Screened Porches

One last detail — we worked with the homeowners’ electrician for all of the electrical work needed on the new porch. We are always willing to work with the clients’ electrician if they prefer that.

Is your deck too big or too small? Would you rather have a porch? Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more about our custom outdoor living designs. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

Planning a New Outdoor Living Space is A Great Way to Curb The Post Holiday Blues

Planning a New Outdoor Living Space is A Great Way to Curb The Post Holiday BluesThe holiday season is filled with excitement and fun. It is a time when families and friends come together to celebrate and festive decorations change our homes and landscapes.  The days and weeks leading up to the big day are often just as exciting as the day itself.  Once the holiday is over, however, the lack of excitement can leave you feeling down.

As the New Year quickly approaches, one way to curb the post-holiday blues is to look beyond the winter doldrums to warmer months ahead.  With this in mind, many Central Georgia homeowners may begin planning for the outdoor living season. These plans may involve a new addition to your landscape or outdoor living space.  Whether your aspirations include adding a new outdoor structure, or improving or adding to an existing structure,  winter is a good time to get the ball rolling before spring arrives.

Macon Open Porch Barrington Hall lr

Because of our mild Georgia climate, construction can begin as soon as your design is finalized and the contract is signed. In fact, the sooner we can start building, the more enjoyment you will get from your new outdoor living space. Once spring has arrived, the demand will increase and building timelines will become longer, this is why we recommend starting the design and building process with us as soon as possible. Using these winter months perfecting the design of your new space, ordering materials, and filing for permits is a perfect use of time.

Macon GA-sceen porch-metal Balusters

In fact, there are quite a few reasons why winter is the best time to begin a new Macon or Warner Robins-area outdoor living space  project:

  • Our custom deck, porch and outdoor room designs require close collaboration with you. This process can take a few rounds of going back and forth, making adjustments and getting the project just right.

Macon open porch design plan Archadeck

  • Securing building permits can take a long time as we are at the mercy of the building department. Starting this process now, means you don’t have to let the good spring weather pass you by while we are waiting for building permits to come in.

Hot tub-deck-Perry GA-design drawing 750

  • At Archadeck of Central GA, our spring and summer construction schedule fills fast. In fact, spring is our busiest time of year. If you start the process now, you beat the rush and are on the schedule for construction, or your project may even be completed,  when others are just starting their process.

Deck-composite-koi pond-warner robins

Despite the fact that all the pomp and circumstance has ended, all the presents have been opened and loved ones have headed home,  Archadeck of Central GA can ensure the weeks ahead are overflowing with excitement and anticipation.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

Contact us today to schedule your design consultation to begin making the 2018 outdoor living season the best on record! Call us today at (478) 745 – 2000 or email us at



Time makes the heart grow fonder for these Roberta, GA, homeowners

Screened Porch-Roberta GAOur recent project in Roberta, GA, just west of Macon, proves that the Archadeck difference doesn’t have an expiration date. Once you meet with us, even if you’re undecided or not quite ready to proceed with your outdoor living project, we’ll keep your notes and specs on file. Then, when you let us know you’re ready to move forward, we can pick up right where we left off.

These Roberta, GA, homeowners had initially contacted Archadeck of Central Georgia two years ago about redecking their aging wooden deck and converting a portion of the deck into a screened porch. During the period between the time when they first contacted us, to this summer, the homeowner had replaced some of the decking boards on his own. That’s a big job if you don’t have a crew working with you! When we went back to take another look at the existing deck, we could tell that the newer decking boards had not been sealed, so those boards had warped and would need to be replaced as well.

bay shaped porch-Roberta GA

Overall, the deck was well worth redecking; there was no need to demolish it and build a new deck from scratch. The original deck foundation was still sound and would provide good support for the new structure. The deck was large, with two level changes, and it had an interesting design with a bay shape at one end — that semi-octagonal shape you see in a bay window.

The homeowner wanted us to convert the bay-shaped area of the deck into a screened porch while leaving the remainder of the deck as open space. The bay end was perfect for enclosing with screens because that portion of the deck has a door leading to the home’s interior.

Roberta GA-Screened Porch-bay shaped roof
Interior view of the screened porch.

Archadeck of Central Georgia began the work by removing their hot tub, redecking the deck surface with pressure-treated wood, removing one set of stairs and reconfiguring the other set. We added new Chippendale railing panels to the deck railing.

Adding the screened porch was a challenge because a bay-shaped floor requires a bay-shaped ceiling and roof. We designed a hip roof to tie into the existing roof. Looking at this photo of the rafters, you can see what an interesting time we had with it. We even had to customize brackets to accommodate this roof design. We used a king post in the middle with a double LVL (laminated veneer lumber) beam to support.

Open rafters-screened porch-Roberta GA

To complete the screened porch, we added bronze screen inserts and screen door. Now the homeowners have an open, 180-degree view of the outdoors from their new porch in a lush, restful setting. Of course, we can’t take credit for the setting!

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

If you have a redecking project in the Macon or Warner Robins area, or want to convert a deck into a screened or covered porch, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to talk about your options. If you’ve met with us in the past but were undecided or not yet ready to proceed, please don’t hesitate to call us again. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at




If you like it then you better put a roof on it…

Archadeck of Central Georgia just completed this stunning covered porch addition in Warner Robins, just off Hwy. 96 in the Brantley Subdivision.  In their quest to add more shade and function to their existing raised concrete patio, the homeowners reached out to us for the best advice.

Open Porch-Warner Robins

Initially, they were considering the notion of adding a pergola over top the patio. However, since the footings were already poured, we offered the second option of a porch cover, since it would be more advantageous for delivering shade and protection from inclement weather.

Archadeck of Central Georgia used beefy columns for the addition to complement the architecture of the existing home. To compensate for the two 2nd story windows just above the addition, we designed an almost flat, shed roof. The roof is built using a modified bitumen rolled roof which we carefully matched to the home’s existing color shingle.  The result is a porch cover that appears to have always been part of the original home.

Warner Robins-Porch-Patio

Patio covers, such as this one, might just be the greatest thing to happen to outdoor living since patio furniture or the advent of the backyard grill! This addition is perfect for porch parties and backyard barbecues. By opting for a roof cover instead of a pergola, this family now can enjoy their patio safe from the elements and impervious to the changing seasons. Like the title says; if you like it then you better put a roof on it…

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

Contact us to learn more about all the ways we can improve your existing outdoor space, or create a new one from scratch. You can reach us by phone at (478) 745 – 2000 or via email at



When you have a great porch, but also want some sun

These homeowners had a great porch. They could enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors with cover overhead to ensure neither rain nor the sometimes blazing hot Georgia sun forced them indoors. But, there were all too many times they wanted to feel the sun on their backs and enjoy the Georgia sun on the many days it wasn’t too hot outside. Since they had a lot of trees in their backyard, those trees provided a good bit of shade to call for a second outdoor living space for these homeowners.

There was a particular obstacle in adding a deck to their backyard. The porch was in the way! Sometimes the footprint of the yard, setbacks or house connection pose challenges in where and what size the outdoor addition can be.

The logical place to put a new deck would be the back door where the stairs go out from the breakfast nook. However, adding the deck there would obstruct the view from the breakfast nook.

Porch and Deck-TimberTech-MaconTogether with the homeowners, we decided to make the obstacle the solution. By adding a door to the back door of their existing porch, we were able to extend the deck out from the porch area allowing them to easily move from covered to open sun outdoor living.

Like many challenges, just when you thought you had solved one challenge, another appears. Right in the area where the back edge of the deck would go was a favorite tree. To accommodate the beloved tree, we built a bump out to the deck and integrated the tree into the deck. Take a look.

Macon-Tree-TimberTech-Deck 750

For the decking we used low-maintenance TimberTech decking in Caribbean Redwood. The standard pressure-treated railing is topped with a rail cap of the same decking material.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to working with a custom outdoor spaces builder. We work to accomplish your outdoor living goals ensuring to create the best solution that works with your home and yard.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you are considering adding a porch, deck, patio or other space to your Central GA area home, give us a call for a free consultation at (478) 745 – 2000. We look forward to your call.

Sometimes adding a porch feels like putting a square peg in a round hole

Screen Porch-Macon GA-before 1400At Archadeck of Central GA, we have been called a few times by homeowners hoping to build a porch but their home configuration makes it very difficult to identify how to attach a roof to their home. Take a look at the back of this home before a porch was added. There are two facades at different depths each with their own gable roof.

The homeowners originally called us about 2 years ago to discuss how to tackle attaching a screened porch. After reviewing a couple design ideas, they were not ready to move forward yet. Fast forward to 2016. They were ready to move forward. We again worked with a couple different design ideas for how to connect a new porch to the complicated back of their home.

Screen Porch-Macon GA-after 1400

As you can see, the design solution complemented the double gable roof lines with a gable style roof on the new porch. The room does not obstruct the view from the bay window section on the center facade. We kept a portion of the existing deck structure but we changed out the decking boards and railings to make it look like new.

Take a look at the new porch from the side of the home.

Macon GA-screen porch-matching soffit 1

In order to build the size porch the homeowners wanted, we extended the porch out past the side of the home. We matched the trim, soffits and roofing to make sure the porch looked original to the home.

Now take a look at the inside of this screened porch below. Even from the image, you can appreciate the view the homeowners now have while enjoying both sun and bug protection. The gable roof creates a vaulted ceiling inside the porch. The gable end is open to let in as much light as possible. The header boards are trimmed for a slightly more elegant look while maintaining the rustic character of the exposed rafter ceiling. We used dark-colored narrow profile pickets to ensure the greatest visibility of the yard.

Macon GA-sceen porch-metal Balusters 1400

We have been called a number of times from homeowners whose home configuration makes it difficult to design how a new porch would attach to their home. We are always able to provide a solution. If other builders tell you it can’t be done, give us a call for a free consultation. As this job demonstrates, we accept these challenges head on and enjoy taking it to the next level of making it look like it was always there.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrGive us a call at (478) 745 – 2000 or send us an email at for your free consultation. We look forward to talking to you.


What a different a porch makes – A new porch and deck in historic Macon GA

You’ve head the saying “what a difference a day makes”. At this Macon home, what a difference a porch makes.

Macon historic district porch

As you can imagine, this took longer than a day but, wow, look at the difference. When these Macon homeowners called us, they had a small deck in quite a state of disrepair.

We extended the deck space to include a new porch on the side of the house and a new deck at the corner of the home. The screened porch has a shed roof which slopes downward from the home. Some people have concerns about whether a shed roof will provide enough light.

macon ga-screen porch-historic district 650

As you can see, the space is beautifully light and airy. The elevated open rafter ceiling opens the space up for a very roomy and airy feel.

Take a look at the porch from another view. You can see the adjoining deck that complements the porch in aesthetics and materials.

historic district-macon ga-screen porch 650

At Archadeck of Central GA, we’ve build quite a few projects in the historic district and we’re glad to work with the local building inspectors to ensure you get the best project possible while still maintaining the historic charm and feel of your beloved home.

If you are ready to learn more about how we can enhance your outdoor living at your home, contact Archadeck of Central GA today (478) 745 – 2000 or visit our website at


The second time is a charm for this Macon GA screened porch and deck

When these homeowners on Ashford Park in Macon called us, they were very familiar with having an Archadeck screened porch. Back int he 90’s their home had a porch built by Archadeck. At this home, they had a large deck but they always wanted a screened porch. We’re glad they gave us a call for a few reasons.

First, we always love working with happy Archadeck customers. These homeowners knew what to expect with the Archadeck process and knew the high building standards we require.

We’re happy they called Archadeck of Central GA because we pride ourselves in doing the best thing for our customers. When converting an existing deck to a porch or other roof structure, sometimes the deck substructure will suffice for adding a new roof with a few reinforcements. That was exactly the case here. We did add reinforcements around the exterior but we were otherwise able to utilize the existing structure. We replaced the flooring with new flooring and made sure to add screening underneath the boards to keep bugs from crawling up through the floor.

Archadeck screen porch beam-macon gaWe were very happy that we have the support of our national Archadeck drafting team. Here’s why. Roofs can either be attached to another roof or to a house wall. This porch required a side wall connection however we were not able to add posts  to the wall because they would cover windows. Instead, our architectural team designed the long span roof to be supported by a large structural ridge beam.

Another point of pride we maintain at Archadeck of Central GA is the level of care we take with the homeowners’ properties. It rained quite a bit while we were building. We took particular care to keep pine straw in the yard for minimal disruption to their grass.

Archadeck screened porch Macon GAAdjacent to their porch is a new deck large enough to host a grill as well as a table and chairs. The deck materials are complimentary to those of the screened porch making a unified look and feel to this combination structure.

If you live in the Central GA are and are thinking about adding on or converting your outdoor living space to a porch, give us a call for a free consultation. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of local building trends and Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrtraditions, as well as our rock-solid relationships with other local tradesmen. Check out our reviews and reputation in the community. We are happy to provide you with references for any kind of job you are considering. Call: (478) 745 – 2000. Email: Or visit our website

Could there be anything better than a wrap around porch for your Central GA area home?

These Byron GA homeowners had a lovely home with a beautiful wrap-around porch. What could be better than spending hot GA afternoons under cover or enjoying the day fading into night with a couple of rockers outside your own front door?

In many cases, an open porch is all you need. But, depending on how you want to live outside, you may want the sort of protection that an enclosed space provides. An enclosed space can provide some additional sun protection but can also provide protection from strong wind, rain, and more extreme temperatures. While screened porches are very popular, here in Central GA, many customers are opting for Eze-Breeze windows on their screened porch. The Eze-Breeze window system is the best of both having a screened porch and having a porch enclosed with vinyl windows. The 4-track window system allows you to open your vinyl windows up to 75% allowing your 3-season room to function as a screened porch. However, this family opted for insulated sliding glass windows for more protection from the elements. These horizontal sliding windows provide the same option to open up to 75% and function as a  screened porch but they also are insulated. When they are closed the temperature inside the room can be heated or cooled just like your interior spaces. This particular family wanted to not only provide a little protection from the elements for themselves but also for their plants.

Can you convert part of a sun porch into a 3-season room?

Take a look!

wrap around Sunroom-Byron GA lr

Utilizing the existing room, we enclosed a portion of the covered wrap-around porch converting it to a sunroom. Take a look at the large window areas ensuring the family still gets a sunny space. But, when the mosquitoes come out or the temperature becomes more severe, this family can head for the comfort and protection of their enclosed porch area.

Porch-Sunroom-Byron lr

In order to enclose this portion of the porch, we had to remove the columns and railing and then re-install them inside the porch. We worked to find siding to compliment the existing home’s siding since that one is no longer available. The family will soon paint this siding for a great match to the home.

Byron GA-wrap around Sunroom lr

When searching for a solution to enclose this porch area, the family spoke with a contractor who suggested using aluminum. For the same price, we were able to custom build the space using matching high-quality materials.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you are considering adding a deck, porch, pergola or other outdoor living space to your home give Archadeck of Central GA a call for a free consultation. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of local building trends and traditions, as well as our rock-solid relationships with other local tradesmen. Check out our reviews and reputation in the community. We are happy to provide you with references for any kind of job you are considering. Call: (478) 745 – 2000. Email: Or visit our website


Blissful Macon outdoor living

Outdoor kitchen-pavilion-macon GA lrTake a look at this incredible custom pool pavilion in Macon. This custom built pavilion was designed specifically for how this Macon family wanted to live outside.

The family had a lovely pool and patio but knew they wanted to do a lot more living outside. They wanted to cook outside, prepare food in a smoker, watch TV, and lounge in style. They also had a specific need for storage. This Macon pool pavilion was built to suit all their needs and wants.

Outdoor Kitchen-Macon GA lrIn the picture above, you likely noticed the beautiful hip roof. From within the porch, the roof creates a cathedral ceiling. This provides cover for the space but still creates a very bright and airy feel. The ceiling is finished with recessed can lights and large ceiling fans to keep air circulating within the space.

pavilion-kitchen-macon GA lrInside the pavilion you’ll see tons of counter top area creating space for everything from grilling to food prep to using the smoker, and more.

The 2 bar areas also house food storage areas and an outdoor refrigerator.

One important part of this project that you won’t notice by looking at the space is the approval we needed to secure from the Architectural Review Board in this lovely Madison community in Macon. While we always take care of all permitting, we also meet with other review boards as necessary before beginning our projects.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you are considering adding a deck, porch, pergola or other outdoor living space to your home give Archadeck of Central GA a call for a free consultation. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of local building trends and traditions, as well as our rock-solid relationships with other local tradesmen. Check out our reviews and reputation in the community. We are happy to provide you with references for any kind of job you are considering. Call: (478) 745 – 2000. Email: Or visit our website