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Can you turn your deck into a porch? Can you turn your screened porch into a 3-season room? Archadeck of Central GA explains how.

Macon GA screened porch with gable roofOne common question we receive is about converting an existing space to a better space. Let’s say you have a deck that’s not too old and is in great shape but you want to get more use out of the space. Do you have to scrap a perfectly good deck to convert it to a porch? You shouldn’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

If you have a deck that’s in good condition, you should not need to scrap it to convert it into either an open porch or a screened porch. The caveat here is the interpretation of “good condition”. How is the substructure. How sound is it? Most often we will find deck substructures that are well built and, even when aged, are still capable of supporting growth (with some assistance). Here’s what we mean. A roof is tremendously heavy. Deck substructures are not built to accommodate the addition of a roof unless you had the substructure built to support a future roof addition. But, we can most often design and implement support enhancements which then allow the addition of a roof to your deck.

Sunroom-Eze Breeze-Warner Robins lrCan you turn a porch into a room?

There are many variations of outdoor rooms ranging anywhere from an open porch to a screened porch to a porch with 3-season windows to a fully insulated room with heating and cooling. Here in Central GA, the addition of a vinyl window system such as Eze-Breeze will help you turn your screened porch into a 3-season room making the room usable for most of the year. Today’s vinyl windows are nothing like they used to be. The vinyl is super clear, very strong, and integrated into a track window system making it a permanent addition to your room. Eze-Breeze windows are built to suit your existing or new room. Their track system allows you to expose from 25% up to 75% of the window area. Better yet, you can open the windows from the top or bottom. Depending on the weather conditions, this flexibility is a great plus.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you have a great outdoor space and want to add some sun protection, rain protection, or weather protection, give us a call. We’re glad to provide a free consultation to determine if your space can be converted or upgraded. Call us at (478) 745 – 2000, email us at or visit our website at


A porch for all seasons for your Macon Warner Robins area home

Close your eyes. Conjure up a mental image of your porch. Open your eyes. What season is it? Likely your mental image was of a porch in the warmer months be it late spring or summer. The porch family dinners-screen porch-macon GA lris a great getaway from the heat during that time of year. But, our long time customers tell us they use their porch literally year round. Not only is it their favorite room in the house during the hot weather months, but through different seasons used in different ways.


Let’s face it. Fall is a wonderful season. We are able to enjoy watching leaves turn colors and fall. We begin to get some relief from our hot Georgia summers. But the last thing we want to do is move inside. We will go kicking and screaming if we have to take it all indoors during the fall.

Your porch is the perfect place. Whether it’s those hot days that are holding on or those surprisingly cool fall days, your porch is the perfect day to enjoy those days. Keep one or two of your favorite throws out on the porch or bring a warm cup of hot cocoa out. Your screened porch will still be your bridge between creature comforts and outdoor living throughout the season.


Macon GA screened porch with fireplaceOne of the porch amenities that continues to rise in popularity is a fireplace built into your screened porch. You’ve certainly heard about the popular trend toward outdoor fireplaces. While you certainly can have a stand alone outdoor fireplace, your porch is the best place for your outdoor fireplace. There’s nothing like the mixing of scents of fall breeze and fireplace logs. And there’s nothing like a great big breath of fresh air regardless of the time of year. We may have a difficult time convincing you that you can use your porch throughout the winter with a porch fireplace. And, there will be some periods of true winter weather that will keep you indoors. But, with the addition of Eze-Breeze windows, one or two ceiling fans, and a throw, you should be able to enjoy your porch throughout the winter. Why go through all this trouble to spend winter leisure time in your porch when you could spend your time inside? Often your porch is the brightest and sunniest room in the house. That natural sun is a pick me up on any day of the year.


Pollen! Need we say more? That yellow film that covers literally everything during pollen season is torturous for many of us. Even if Warner Robins-Eze Breeze lryou’re not allergic to pollen, how many of us can escape without sneezing and coughing while wiping the pollen off our cars or or outdoor tables? With a screened porch, your screen will not keep all the pollen out, but it will certainly keep a good amount of it out. In addition, if you have Eze-Breeze vinyl windows on your Macon Warner Robins area porch, you can keep the vinyl windows closed during pollen season to make your outdoor room more pollen proof.

Let’s think of the positive aspect of spring – spending more time outside. After spending the winter indoors, we all anxiously await the rising temperatures that Spring. Here in Central GA, while much of the summer may be considered too hot, Spring is the time to enjoy milder temperatures, some spring breeze and some spring rain. Your back porch is the best place to enjoy spring rain.


Georgia is the deep south. Our temperatures soar in the summer forcing many of us to take it indoors. Air conditioning serves a very functional purpose of making spending time in the soaring temperatures an “option”. But, with air conditioning, you can’t smell the rain, feel the breeze and enjoy the other benefits of living outdoors.

Regardless of what time of year you’re reading this blog, it’s time to give us a call for a free consultation on adding a new screened room to your Central GA area home.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrArchadeck of Central Georgia is proud to have been serving Macon and Warner Robins homeowners for more than a dozen years. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of local building trends and traditions, as well as our rock-solid relationships with other local tradesmen. Check out our reviews and reputation in the community. We are happy to provide you with references for any kind of job you are considering. Call: (478) 745 – 2000. Email:

With teenagers, making family dinner meaningful might seem impossible. These Macon homeowners found a way.

As parents of 3, my wife and I know all too well the challenges of making the family dinner what it is supposed to be or what it ought to be. We can make the quintessential family dinner, remove all the daily troubles from our mind and sit down to provide a platform to hear our children talk. All too often, that meaningful conversation just doesn’t happen. How did our parents do it? How did they really get us talking about local events and homework and having healthy conversations about meaningful topics?

family dinners-screen porch-macon GA lrBased on a story that a recent client told me, perhaps getting slightly out of the house for family dinners might be the perfect recipe. When I talk to clients after completing their project, they always tell me that their porch is their favorite room in the house.

This Macon homeowner raved about the fact that it has strengthened their relationship with their teenagers. They have their family dinners out on the porch. She said their daughters linger longer, talk more, and are more a part of the family experience than when inside.

Maybe it’s the fresh air. Maybe it’s the feeling of being out of the house or away from the gadgets sitting inside the house. Maybe it’s the feeling that Mom and Dad are less frazzled because of the calming nature of the porch. But I’m glad to hear that their porch is making a difference in their lives.

In addition this story, there are some fun ones I hear quite a bit. Outside of the classic screened porch experience of enjoying morning coffee on the porch or sneaking away to enjoy a favorite book, here are just a couple other favorite screened porch uses my clients tell me about.

  1. Sleeping outside
  2. Watching TV outside
  3. Working outside

sleeping porch swing-macon GA 750Sleeping on the porch

While you may think the only person sleeping on the porch is the person in your house that has been kicked to the dog house, that is the farthest thing from the truth. My clients tell me they love sleeping outside. Some bring their sleeping bags along with their favorite movie and popcorn to spend the rest of the evening enjoying the breeze and fresh air. Many keep a throw blanket on their porch to grab a cat nap at different times of the day.

Watching TV outside

Would we ever have imagined we would be watching TV and sitting on nice furniture on our screened porch? Gone are the days of portable patio furniture and lack of entertainment. Many clients request that a TV be built into their screened porch design. Whether you enjoy a little ambient noise, enjoy catching just the important parts of the news, or enjoy catching up on your favorite series, you can now do it in comfort from your porch.

Working outside

Laptop computers are great. We can take them to the office and to the kitchen table. We can also take them to another desk in the house or the sofa table. Now you can take your laptop outside to work – outside on your screened porch. All of our porches include electricity so you can plug in when you need to or turn on a lamp when the sun is going down. Merging the relaxing feeling that a screened porch brings with your necessary take home work makes it just a little more enjoyable.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you are considering creating a great new outdoor living space for your Macon/Warner Robins area back yard, or if you want to give a fresh new look to your existing area, give us a call for a free consultation. We strive to create the perfect outdoor living space just for you. Call: (478) 745 – 2000. Email:



The 4 things you didn’t know about Eze-Breeze® vinyl windows

Archadeck 3-season room with Eze-Breeze windowsIf you aren’t already familiar with Eze-Breeze® window systems, it’s time to fix that! Eze-Breeze is a revolutionary product that transforms the traditional Macon screened porch to a 3-season room that offers all of the best features of outdoor living with none of the drawbacks.

# 1 Eze-Breeze windows look like glass, but they are not

When you see photos of a Warner Robins porch that has Eze-Breeze windows, you will likely assume that you are looking at traditional glass windows. Their crystal clear clarity is comparable to glass, but they are actually made of 10-mil vinyl glazing. You can choose your featherweight vinyl in a range of colors, depending on if you want to include some built-in shading. In addition to saving you money, this product will stretch rather than shatter when it is put under stress. Within minutes of a push or a hit to the vinyl, the product will reform to its original shape. Their 10-year warranty against most kinds of damage is the best you will find anywhere and puts traditional glass windows to shame.

#2 Eze-Breeze vinyl offers protection from all the elements: including pollen

Sunroom-Eze Breeze-Warner Robins lrWe don’t see much snow in Georgia, but Eze-Breeze will keep the elements on the outside where they belong. Protect your furniture, rugs, sound system or anything else you like to enjoy on your porch with these amazing vertical or horizontal sliding windows. They will keep out rain, snow, wind, pollen, and mosquitoes: all of the scourges of outdoor living. When you want to welcome in a breeze, just give them a quick slide to open and you have 75% smooth airflow almost instantly.

#3 More resilient than glass

Glass has strength and heft. With those two features also comes significant expense. Eze-Breeze offers an enticing alternative. Push against one of the vinyl panes and it will snap back into shape. Price glass versus Eze-Breeze vinyl and you’ll see less of an impact on your wallet as well. You can’t buy a custom glass window system at a comparable price. You can’t repair a damaged window pane as easily.

#4 Eze-Breeze is the secret to low maintenance porch living

Eze-Breeze vinyl is easier to clean than traditional glass windows. A spray with a garden hose is usually all you need to keep your view clear and crisp. Forget about storing patio furniture for the winter. When your windows are up, the furniture is beautifully protected from rain, dirt and grime. You will still have to clean that disgusting yellow film off your car in the spring, but your porch furniture and carpet will be clean and ready for use daily when it sits behind the protective shield of Eze-Breeze custom windows and doors.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you are considering creating a great new outdoor living space for your Macon/Warner Robins area back yard, or if you want to give a fresh new look to your existing backyard space, give us a call for a free consultation. We will identify the best structures and materials to create the perfect outdoor living space just for you. Call: (478) 745 – 2000, email: or visit our website at

Going from screen to windows in your Central GA porch could be a breeze!

Three Season room-Warner Robins-Eze Breeze lrWhile there a lot of great things about a screened porch, there are a whole lot of benefits of being able to easily convert your screens to windows. Pollen is one of those reasons. With two pollen seasons each year, a yellow blanket of dust descends upon our outdoor furniture not only making it look bad but making it an instant allergy attack if you mistakenly sit on a pollen covered outdoor chair before cleaning. Even when the dust and pollen aren’t so easily seen, open screens allow these to enter your screened porch any time the wind blows them your way.

Another challenge with screened windows is water. While screens will keep a great deal of water out, on wet days some water will enter your porch through the screens. Generally it’s not enough water to leave standing water on the floor, but it will generally be enough mist do keep you inside during a rainstorm. While homeowners call us to screen in an open porch or add windows to a screened porch, these Warner Robins homeowners found a way to get the best of both worlds by converting their screens to Eze-Breeze.

Warner Robins-Eze Breeze lrEze-Breeze is a track window system. Each window comes with 4 tracks that slide very easily from one position to another. With the track system, you can leave the vinyl windows completely closed or you can open up the vinyl 25%, 50% or 75%. When the vinyl windows are open, the traditional porch screen is exposed allowing your porch to perform like a traditional porch. When the vinyl windows are closed, pollen and water are prevented from coming in through the windows.

Hearing the word vinyl might bring to mind murky looking loose plastic that you might have seen on some shabbily installed vinyl window setups. Eze-Breeze is a nationally known and recognized vinyl/screen window system. The vinyl is not only very clear but also exceptionally strong. You can hit it with a bat, throw a ball at it, or your favorite oversized dog can try to run through it and the vinyl will hold firm.

Sunroom-Eze Breeze-Warner Robins lrAnother great thing about this window system is that it’s customized. The windows are custom sized to your exact configuration. So regardless of who originally built your porch or what size your window frames are, your Eze-Breeze windows will be sized to fit exactly. If the word “custom” makes it sound like you’ll wait a long time for it, think again. With most Eze-Breeze projects the vinyl window system can be installed within 3 weeks.

If you are considering adding a porch or converting your your Macon/Warner Robins area porch, give us a call for a free consultation. We look forward to your call.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr

Stephen Denton
Owner, Archadeck of Central GA

Call: (478) 745 – 2000


Visit the screened porch photo gallery on our website for more great design inspiration.

Bright, airy, beautiful, well built and surprisingly cost effective screened porch in Warner Robins

cost effective screen porch Warner Robins lrIf you’ve been thinking about adding a screened porch to your Central GA area home, it’s likely the screened porch in this photo has many of the elements you’re looking for. This screen porch is bright, airy, and connects you to the great outdoors while still providing the sun protection and bug protection you need here in Central GA. You are probably looking for a room that is conducive to enjoying the great outdoors. You want to see the sky, feel the breeze, and appreciate the light. You would never notice, but this screened porch is actually built of aluminum. Close your eyes and picture an aluminum porch. Then open your eyes and take a look at this porch. We’re sure this is nothing like you would expect.

In fact, many people envision an aluminum porch that comes from a kit. With a kit, you pick from standard sizes and get all the pieces and parts to put the porch together. When you’re done, it looks like what you purchased – something built from a kit. Porches built from a kit tend to have problems, not the least of which, are water problems.

These homeowners got the best of both worlds. We built a traditional screened porch roof. The roof is a gable style roof and the gable is screened for maximum screened area. The walls, however are built from aluminum. Aluminum is a very cost effective material. By pairing aluminum walls with a traditional roof, we got a custom structure, with structural integrity, that was cost effective.

A couple additional benefits of going with a custom porch roof include:

  1. Structural integrity
  2. Made to fit the style and structure of your home
  3. Made to match your existing roof

Warner Robins aluminum porch lrStructural integrity:

A roof built from a kit will never have the same structural integrity as a structure designed and built by a professional licensed builder. Archadeck designs and builds every structure to meet and often exceed local code requirements.

Matches your home

When selecting a roof style for your home, several factors come into play. A good starting point in making that decision is the type of roof you would like. The gable style roof is often the most popular because of the light that enters the room with an interior cathedral ceiling. Another key consideration is the roof style of your existing home. Often we try to utilize the same roof shape or compliment the shape of your home’s existing roof. There may be exacerbating factors such as second story windows in the area where your porch roof would go. Nonetheless, this home had both a gable roof and a shed roof on different parts of the home. The roof we built was a gable style matching not only the homeowners desires but was also a great compliment to the home.

Matches your roof

Our goal when adding a roof structure to your home is to do what we can to make it look as if the new room was always there. We try to make it look original to your home. Nothing is a better giveaway of an addition than roof tiles and gutters that are not a match for your home. By building a traditional custom roof on this screened porch, we were able to source matching roof tiles to help make this new space look like it was always there.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you’re looking for a more cost effective way to add a beautiful new screened porch to your Central GA area home, give us a call for a free consultation at 478-745-2000 or drop us an email at We look forward to your call.

The engineer’s choice for building a porch in Central GA

We recently built a screened porch in Centerville. They inherited a deck and used it infrequently because it was poorly designed & built and was also in disrepair. The homeowner is an engineer so he knew he would know a good builder when he met one.  He and his wife wanted to work with a builder that would create a thoughtful, professional design and execute on it with the kind of attention to detail that he uses in his own work.

While the homeowners originally thought they wanted a new deck, they soon realized that a porch made more sense. A couple other reasons for not using their deck included the stiflingly hot Georgia summer head and the bugs that come along with that. They did use the patio for grilling so it made sense to keep the patio. For the other outdoor living space, a porch made more sense. It would provide sun protection as well as bug protection.

Transformation from terrible deck to beautiful porch

The new porch is the largest in width we can build without special ordering material (27’ feet wide). This porch width works particularly well because it provides enough space for a table and chairs. Considerations like these help save on materials and labor costs without compromising on traffic flow or the feel of the living space. The length of the porch allows for more than one seating area.  Stairs that run the length of the porch leading to the patio provide additional space for potted plants or even additional seating.

We used a gable roof/cathedral ceiling combination.  We use gable roofs on many screened porches because the lofty ceiling gives the space a light and airy feel and leaves plenty of room for ceiling fans to keep a breeze going. You can control the fans and light fixtures with a wall switch, a remote or both: your choice.

Screened Porch-Centerville-GA cathedral ceilingOur client appreciated some of the finer building details that some other clients might not ever identify or notice. We used a laminated ridge beam for additional strength. We used pressure-treated decking, screened from beneath to keep out bugs. And, we worked out a nice solution to tying in the roof with the existing slanted eave on the house. One of the great advantages of working with Archadeck is that you don’t have to have an engineer’s eye for possible design challenges. We find the problems and solve them as part of our job.  And when we miss something, which we did in this case (a few pieces of trim) we always come back for our clients to make sure they feel great about their new outdoor living space.

If you are considering creating a great new outdoor living space for your Macon/Warner Robins area back yard, or if you want to give a fresh new look to your existing backyard space, give us a call for a free consultation. Together we will work to identify the best structures and materials to create the perfect outdoor living space just for you.

Stephen Denton Owner, Archadeck of Central GA

Stephen Denton
Owner, Archadeck of Central GA

Call: (478) 745 – 2000


Visit the screened porch photo gallery on our website for more great design ideas and inspiration.

Turning a Bonaire GA deck into a screened porch

proposal-screen porch-Bonaire GABoth decks and porches are great outdoor living structures. Each has their own benefits. Decks allow you to spend time outdoors enjoying the fresh air, the view of your yard, and enjoying the “extra room” in your house. A porch allows you to enjoy all of these but it does provide a little extra protection. While a rainstorm will send you inside, a screened porch is a roofed structure. Along with the screens, the porch allows quite a bit of protection from rain and other storm conditions.

A porch provides two additional key benefits. Summers here in the Macon Warner Robins area can be brutally hot. With roof cover and a good ceiling fans, the mid-day Screen porch-ipe-Bonaire GA lrtemperatures are a lot more bearable. In addition, bugs are a big factor. Depending on a number of factors, your yard might be a treasure trove of mosquitoes and other biting insects. Some of the factors that determine how many mosquitoes you’ll have are the amount of standing water you have and the amount of landscaping you have. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed. So, anything from a pool to a koi pond to a bird bath will bring the mosquitoes in. This home had both a pool and a pond so the bugs were eating them up.

The home had an existing deck. The owners wanted a new porch to provide more outdoor living opportunities, including shade and bug protection. We were able to use their existing deck and convert it into a screened porch. If you’re thinking about converting your deck to a porch, often times that is an option. The deck substructure may require ceiling fan-screen porch-Archadeck Bonaire GA lrreinforcement but a good builder will be able to make that assessment as well as enhance the substructure to meet code and support the weight of the new roof. That was the case at this Bonaire GA home. Over 10 years ago, we built the deck on this home. The new homeowner saw the Archadeck tag on the deck and called us first to quote his upgrade project.

The new porch includes ipe flooring, a gable roof to create an open cathedral ceiling, large screened openings for great visibility, and the design deftly works with the challenge of attaching a roof to this home. In the middle of the screened porch area is a large chimney. The roof needed to not only to attach to the home but to also wrap around the chimney. That was no problem.

Archadeck-ipe-deck lrThe lower deck also has ipe decking. The railing is pressure-treated wood with an ipe rail caps. White metal pickets and lattice complete the look. With the two distinct outdoor living spaces, the family can pick the level of sun protection they need based on the activity and the time of day.

If you live in the Central GA area and you’re considering converting your deck into a screened porch, give us a call for a free consultation.


Stephen Denton Owner, Archadeck of Central GA

Stephen Denton
Owner, Archadeck of Central GA

Call: (478) 745 – 2000


Visit our Archadeck of Central GA website for more great design ideas and inspiration.

This Perry GA screened porch refurbish solved lots of little problems with one elegant solution

screen porch-perry georgia-grill deck lr
Here’s a picture of their new porch in Perry GA.

As a long time Central GA porch builder, we love referrals.  It’s great when someone likes our work enough to refer us to their friends and family.  We know what a tremendous compliment that is. In this case, we built a project for one customer who referred us to a second customer – who we built a project for. Then, that second customer referred us to these homeowners.

These Perry GA homeowners had a screened porch that no longer reflected their lifestyle. The porch was a menagerie of its prior inhabitants: the floors and roof were a mish-mash of past projects and, while it was still structurally sound, it was not up to code.

This is what it looked like before

The client wanted a space that would allow them to enjoy fresh air and not block their yard view from the living room and kitchen. After a consultation about what they liked and disliked about their existing structure, we created a design to accomplish all their objectives.

Once we had a plan in place, we set to work.  The first priority for this project was to bring the porch up to code to ensure safety, so we laid beams under the deck and attached them to the house for a firm foundation. We didn’t want the wonderful view to be obscured by too much sectioning, so we changed out the walls and supports in order allow the homeowners to really enjoy being in their yard.  The original porch had seven different screen sections in one wall; we reduced it to four by adding a beam which really opened the porch up.

screen porch-perry georgia-proposal lr
Our design drawings help our customers see what their project will look like when completed

The design drawing helps our customers know what their finished project will look like.[/caption]Archadeck thinks carefully about the flow of each project– good flow ensures that the space will be useful and beautiful, not just structurally sound. The placement of the original door created traffic problems, forcing anyone walking to either cut through the middle of the room or to awkwardly skirt the edges. We fixed this by moving the location of the door to the side to allow for quick and easy travel.

We solved the owner’s mosquito issue by placing screened walls at the bottom of the deck, denying the pesky bugs access through the floor. The old lattice was tired, so we created a proper foundation with new latticing to mirror the structure of the screening. Before the renovation, beyond the door, there had been only stairs. We gave our family a side deck with space for a full grill that they could use for summer barbecuing. As a final design touch, we installed white porch screens, so the exterior could be painted to match.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GAIf you are considering creating a great new outdoor living space for your Macon/Warner Robins area backyard, or if you want to give a fresh new look to your existing backyard space, give us a call for a free consultation. Together we will work to identify the best structures and materials to create the perfect outdoor living space just for you.

Call: (478) 745 – 2000



Archadeck of Central GA provides information to make the best interior ceiling choice for your anticipated porch addition

Macon GA screened porch with gable roof
Macon GA screened porch with exposed rafter detail.

Choosing the right ceiling to fit your own individual tastes and in keeping with the look you want to achieve within your porch is an important decision. There are many choices available when it comes to styles and finishes. As a customer of Archadeck of Central GA, we want you to be an informed customer. We want to provide the information to help you make the best decision for your specific needs and wants. In this article, we will explore the various interior porch ceiling options in an effort to educate homeowners providing information to make the best decision.

Your porch ceiling is the perfect spot to add style and flair. There are a many choices, styles, accoutrements, details and materials that can be used to finish your interior ceiling. Each one can be used to convey a feeling and a mood within your porch.

Rustic Shed Roof Screen Porch
Rustic shed roof screened porch by Archadeck of Central GA.

The first decision to make when it comes to an interior porch ceiling is whether you want a vaulted/cathedral or flat ceiling. Flat ceilings are generally standard 8′ or 9′ foot height, the same as that of an interior room in your home. Flat finished ceilings give your porch or screened porch an interior room feel. Flat ceilings are often used to create a more formal space. They can be enhanced by using hardwood finishes to achieve a rustic elegance. From a budgetary perspective, it is less expensive to do a sloped or cathedral ceiling. Installing a flat ceiling under a sloped roof requires more lumber and will add to the cost of your porch.

The height of a vaulted ceiling is dependent on how steep your roof pitch is. For example, vaulting a 20-by-20-foot room can create a vaulted or cathedral ceiling that’s 11 to 12 feet high at its peak. A porch that has a higher ceiling will appear and feel larger than it actually is. Cathedral ceilings give the room a sense of lightness and airiness. They also allow more room to use trim, moldings and architectural detailing.  An elevated ceiling also provides “architectural reveals.” which are effects caused by shadowing lines that can be induced through extra architectural details and lighting.

Beautiful rustic interior shot of open porch in Warner Robins GA
Open porch with dramatic cathedral ceiling in Warner Robins, GA.

If choosing a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, the question arises of whether to choose an exposed rafter or an enclosed rafter design. Enclosed rafters often communicate a more formal look. Certain amenities, such as recessed can lights require the use of closed rafters. The decision to leave the rafter exposed or to enclosed is a personal preference. When enclosing the rafters, the expense comes in when painting everything. There are ways to give the space a finished look without having to paint everything in the process. Exposed rafters are very popular among outdoor structures. This conveys a rustic earthy elegance to the structure and is actually less expensive than choosing to enclose the rafters. When leaving the rafters exposed the size of the rafter itself will greatly impact the look of your space. It is also a consideration as  larger rafters with more girth and presence reflect a  more masculine feel and also leave a bigger cavity within the ceiling itself.

Chippendale pattern on Perry GA deck rail reflects the homeowners Chippendale-backed swing
This lovely porch in Perry, GA feature an open rafter ceiling which is painted white.

Finishing out the interior ceiling is the next step. We are seeing a trend of finishing the space out using the same lumber as the rest of the structure. For an informal look we generally recommend using T-111, which is rough- sawn, grooved plywood. This option cost the same a bead board. Many homeowners like the rustic look of T-111 and choose a clear seal to keep the natural look intact. Bead board is also popular and gives a more formal look and is less expensive than using grooved planks.

Other amenities for porch interiors are only limited to the imagination, and your budget. These include wiring for speakers, ceiling fans, and various lighting elements. Our goal at Archadeck of Central GA is to provide you with a porch built with quality and beauty at the best value.

Archadeck blue ceiling
True blue Southern porch ceiling?

With our location here in GA, we cannot put together a post on interior ceiling finishes for porches and not mention the Southern tradition of painted blue porch ceilings. There are numerous theories as to why this practice started – from fooling spiders and wasps into thinking the ceiling is the sky, to blue being a harbinger of good luck, to the color extending daylight, to scaring away evil spirits and as an effort to discourage birds and bees from building their nests in the ceiling.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

When considering any outdoor structure project including a new porch addition, you want to make sure you are using an experienced, licensed builder who has the knowledge, integrity and the design expertise to provide you with a porch that has your best interest in mind. Archadeck of Central Georgia has years of experience in perfecting the porch, and other outdoor structures, here in Central GA.  To learn more contact us at (478) 745 – 2000 Email:

Please visit our extensive porch galleries, including our open porch, screened porch and front porch galleries located on our website for more examples of ceiling finishes for porches.