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Our Recent Deck and Screened Porch in Wellington Allows Unobstructed View and Unlimited Enjoyment!

Wellington Screened Porch and Deck CombinationOne of our most recent deck and screened porch combination projects demonstrates how Archadeck of Central Georgia is able to perfect our outdoor living space designs despite obstacles.

This project is located in the upscale townhome community of Wellington. One of the obstacles when designing an outdoor living space for a townhome is the number of restrictive covenants often associated with these type of properties.  This project required that all the covenants be strictly abided by which included the materials used in the design match those of the existing home.

Look at the amazing before and after images of this project:
Look at the amazing before and after images of this project:

When we consulted on this project, the property already had an existing pressure treated deck. The homeowner’s wish was to upgrade their existing deck to a screened porch and still retain a deck space for increased outdoor living options.  The main obstacle to address was their desire to retain a clear view of their beautiful backyard while still having privacy, especially since their existing deck design gave them a clear view of the surrounding neighbors.

Wellington Screened Porch Builder

With all the prerequisites in hand, Archadeck of Central Georgia got to work on perfecting the space the homeowner’s had in mind.  We were able to retain the beautiful views into the backyard and still secure privacy through the installation of a vertical lap privacy screen.

Wellington screened porch builder

You will notice that the new screened porch is almost a perfect square design and is longer, taller and deeper, than most traditional screened porches. The reason for this innovative design is two-fold; one was to keep the eaves from coinciding with the transom window located on the back of the home and the depth of the porch helps facilitate more room within the porch while staying in accordance with the restrictive covenants.

Wellington Wooden Deck with Screened Porch

The new deck was built using pressure treated pine on the old deck frame which only needed minimal reinforcement through the addition of a few beams. The new stair direction enhances the open feel of the space and lattice skirting retains the traditional feel of the property. There is even a nifty storage area under the new screened porch perfect for storing garden tools and equipment.

Wellington screened porch interior

The interior of the screened porch features an open gable end and open rafter ceiling. We also installed electrical outlets and a ceiling fan to help keep the space cool during the summer months.

The homeowners are elated with their new porch and deck duo! They are thrilled with the open feel of the space that allows unencumbered views while retaining their backyard privacy — truly the best of both worlds!

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

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If you like it then you better put a roof on it…

Archadeck of Central Georgia just completed this stunning covered porch addition in Warner Robins, just off Hwy. 96 in the Brantley Subdivision.  In their quest to add more shade and function to their existing raised concrete patio, the homeowners reached out to us for the best advice.

Open Porch-Warner Robins

Initially, they were considering the notion of adding a pergola over top the patio. However, since the footings were already poured, we offered the second option of a porch cover, since it would be more advantageous for delivering shade and protection from inclement weather.

Archadeck of Central Georgia used beefy columns for the addition to complement the architecture of the existing home. To compensate for the two 2nd story windows just above the addition, we designed an almost flat, shed roof. The roof is built using a modified bitumen rolled roof which we carefully matched to the home’s existing color shingle.  The result is a porch cover that appears to have always been part of the original home.

Warner Robins-Porch-Patio

Patio covers, such as this one, might just be the greatest thing to happen to outdoor living since patio furniture or the advent of the backyard grill! This addition is perfect for porch parties and backyard barbecues. By opting for a roof cover instead of a pergola, this family now can enjoy their patio safe from the elements and impervious to the changing seasons. Like the title says; if you like it then you better put a roof on it…

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

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This new Kathleen GA porch is more grand and stately with 14 stately new columns

Take a look at this Kathleen GA home

Before 750

Beautiful right?  Take a look at it now


If beautiful-er was a word, that is how we would want to describe the front of this home after the transformation. When these Kathleen GA homeowners first called us, they knew exactly what they wanted and they were looking for the right outdoor builder to help transform the front of their home.

When we say they knew exactly what they wanted, they really did. They wanted craftsman style columns across the front and down the sides of their home. They wanted the base of those columns to be wrapped with cultured stone. They had called a building supply company to come out and give them a quote. After coming out, the supply company never got back to them. We were fortunate enough that she found us and gave us a call.

Kathleen GA-Porch-Craftsman Columns 750Let’s take a look at some of the details of this job. The specifications for the columns were so unique that we searched high and low to find these columns, finally finding them in Washington state. They came unassembled and we assembled them in the front yard. We wrapped the bases with a cultured stack stone menagerie of soft gray tones.

Next, we worked together in a decision not to add railing across the front of the porch. The front porch was very low to the ground. Therefore, building codes did not require railing across the front. The frustrating thing about railings is that code dictates the height of the handrail will always interfere with your view when you are seated. We did add a railing down the side of the home because the grade dropped off. We used black aluminum railing, which mimics wrought iron, to match the regal and elegant flair of the chosen columns.


Instead of leaving the columns a stark white, we painted them off-white to match the trim on the home. You can see that they maintain the regal nature and looks as if they had always been part of this home’s beautiful front facade. The stone compliments the home’s brick facade perfectly and the red door adds that perfect pop of color!

Craftsman Columns-Kathleen GA-Porch 750Let’s take a look at the columns and the rail from on the porch. Wow has the view from the porch been transformed! Also note how the railings down the side still provide great visibility. If you’ve been following the trends, you’ll see a lot of narrow profile dark colored railings in aluminum, iron and other materials. The dark color tends to draw your eye through the railing vs. traditional white railings which tend to keep your view on the railing itself.

If you are considering adding to or improving your outdoor space here in the Central GA area, give us a call for a free consultation at (478) 745 – 2000. We look forward to your call.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrTo see hundreds of great pictures, watch Archadeck of Central GA videos, or read customer reviews and testimonials, visit our Archadeck of Central GA website.

When you have a great porch, but also want some sun

These homeowners had a great porch. They could enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors with cover overhead to ensure neither rain nor the sometimes blazing hot Georgia sun forced them indoors. But, there were all too many times they wanted to feel the sun on their backs and enjoy the Georgia sun on the many days it wasn’t too hot outside. Since they had a lot of trees in their backyard, those trees provided a good bit of shade to call for a second outdoor living space for these homeowners.

There was a particular obstacle in adding a deck to their backyard. The porch was in the way! Sometimes the footprint of the yard, setbacks or house connection pose challenges in where and what size the outdoor addition can be.

The logical place to put a new deck would be the back door where the stairs go out from the breakfast nook. However, adding the deck there would obstruct the view from the breakfast nook.

Porch and Deck-TimberTech-MaconTogether with the homeowners, we decided to make the obstacle the solution. By adding a door to the back door of their existing porch, we were able to extend the deck out from the porch area allowing them to easily move from covered to open sun outdoor living.

Like many challenges, just when you thought you had solved one challenge, another appears. Right in the area where the back edge of the deck would go was a favorite tree. To accommodate the beloved tree, we built a bump out to the deck and integrated the tree into the deck. Take a look.

Macon-Tree-TimberTech-Deck 750

For the decking we used low-maintenance TimberTech decking in Caribbean Redwood. The standard pressure-treated railing is topped with a rail cap of the same decking material.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to working with a custom outdoor spaces builder. We work to accomplish your outdoor living goals ensuring to create the best solution that works with your home and yard.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you are considering adding a porch, deck, patio or other space to your Central GA area home, give us a call for a free consultation at (478) 745 – 2000. We look forward to your call.

Sometimes adding a porch feels like putting a square peg in a round hole

Screen Porch-Macon GA-before 1400At Archadeck of Central GA, we have been called a few times by homeowners hoping to build a porch but their home configuration makes it very difficult to identify how to attach a roof to their home. Take a look at the back of this home before a porch was added. There are two facades at different depths each with their own gable roof.

The homeowners originally called us about 2 years ago to discuss how to tackle attaching a screened porch. After reviewing a couple design ideas, they were not ready to move forward yet. Fast forward to 2016. They were ready to move forward. We again worked with a couple different design ideas for how to connect a new porch to the complicated back of their home.

Screen Porch-Macon GA-after 1400

As you can see, the design solution complemented the double gable roof lines with a gable style roof on the new porch. The room does not obstruct the view from the bay window section on the center facade. We kept a portion of the existing deck structure but we changed out the decking boards and railings to make it look like new.

Take a look at the new porch from the side of the home.

Macon GA-screen porch-matching soffit 1

In order to build the size porch the homeowners wanted, we extended the porch out past the side of the home. We matched the trim, soffits and roofing to make sure the porch looked original to the home.

Now take a look at the inside of this screened porch below. Even from the image, you can appreciate the view the homeowners now have while enjoying both sun and bug protection. The gable roof creates a vaulted ceiling inside the porch. The gable end is open to let in as much light as possible. The header boards are trimmed for a slightly more elegant look while maintaining the rustic character of the exposed rafter ceiling. We used dark-colored narrow profile pickets to ensure the greatest visibility of the yard.

Macon GA-sceen porch-metal Balusters 1400

We have been called a number of times from homeowners whose home configuration makes it difficult to design how a new porch would attach to their home. We are always able to provide a solution. If other builders tell you it can’t be done, give us a call for a free consultation. As this job demonstrates, we accept these challenges head on and enjoy taking it to the next level of making it look like it was always there.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrGive us a call at (478) 745 – 2000 or send us an email at for your free consultation. We look forward to talking to you.


The second time is a charm for this Macon GA screened porch and deck

When these homeowners on Ashford Park in Macon called us, they were very familiar with having an Archadeck screened porch. Back int he 90’s their home had a porch built by Archadeck. At this home, they had a large deck but they always wanted a screened porch. We’re glad they gave us a call for a few reasons.

First, we always love working with happy Archadeck customers. These homeowners knew what to expect with the Archadeck process and knew the high building standards we require.

We’re happy they called Archadeck of Central GA because we pride ourselves in doing the best thing for our customers. When converting an existing deck to a porch or other roof structure, sometimes the deck substructure will suffice for adding a new roof with a few reinforcements. That was exactly the case here. We did add reinforcements around the exterior but we were otherwise able to utilize the existing structure. We replaced the flooring with new flooring and made sure to add screening underneath the boards to keep bugs from crawling up through the floor.

Archadeck screen porch beam-macon gaWe were very happy that we have the support of our national Archadeck drafting team. Here’s why. Roofs can either be attached to another roof or to a house wall. This porch required a side wall connection however we were not able to add posts  to the wall because they would cover windows. Instead, our architectural team designed the long span roof to be supported by a large structural ridge beam.

Another point of pride we maintain at Archadeck of Central GA is the level of care we take with the homeowners’ properties. It rained quite a bit while we were building. We took particular care to keep pine straw in the yard for minimal disruption to their grass.

Archadeck screened porch Macon GAAdjacent to their porch is a new deck large enough to host a grill as well as a table and chairs. The deck materials are complimentary to those of the screened porch making a unified look and feel to this combination structure.

If you live in the Central GA are and are thinking about adding on or converting your outdoor living space to a porch, give us a call for a free consultation. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of local building trends and Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrtraditions, as well as our rock-solid relationships with other local tradesmen. Check out our reviews and reputation in the community. We are happy to provide you with references for any kind of job you are considering. Call: (478) 745 – 2000. Email: Or visit our website

A long awaited pool pavilion comes to fruition for these Macon GA homeowners

When Macon area residents call about adding a new outdoor space to their yard, sometimes they know exactly what they want and sometimes they have an idea but look forward to the process of seeing that idea translated to the perfect outdoor space.

pool pavilion Macon GA lrThese Macon homeowners not only knew what they wanted but they knew several years ago. In fact, they even secured approval from the HOA several years prior. Now they were ready to have their pool pavilion built. Many pool owners want a shaded area near their pool. But, they wouldn’t be pool owners if they didn’t enjoy a huge splash of direct sunlight. That’s why an open pavilion or open porch is the perfect space for them. The roof allows for sun protection but the open gable still allows plenty of light under their covered space.

When we originally met with the homeowners, there was only one thing we suggested changing about their original building plan. The plan called for the open gable end facing away from the pool. Based on the sun’s direction and the beauty of the open gable, it made the most sense to have the open gable addressing the pool. Note the Macon GA pool pavilion open porch lradditional braces on the open gable. These were not required structurally but really gave that added design detail the homeowners were looking for.

From an aesthetic standpoint, we encased the footers of each of the columns with paver stones to create pedestals for each post. For the posts, we used Cox laminated timber columns. These wide columns allow plenty of space to thread wire through bringing electricity to the structure for lighting, ceiling fans, and to create electrical outlets as desired.

This Macon family couldn’t be happier with their new pavilion. It took a few years to be ready to build but it was well worth it.

If you have a great new outdoor space in mind, give us a call. We’re glad to provide a free consultation to determine the best structures and design to meet your outdoor living needs and desires. Call us at (478) 745 – 2000, email us at or visit our website at

Can you turn your deck into a porch? Can you turn your screened porch into a 3-season room? Archadeck of Central GA explains how.

Macon GA screened porch with gable roofOne common question we receive is about converting an existing space to a better space. Let’s say you have a deck that’s not too old and is in great shape but you want to get more use out of the space. Do you have to scrap a perfectly good deck to convert it to a porch? You shouldn’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

If you have a deck that’s in good condition, you should not need to scrap it to convert it into either an open porch or a screened porch. The caveat here is the interpretation of “good condition”. How is the substructure. How sound is it? Most often we will find deck substructures that are well built and, even when aged, are still capable of supporting growth (with some assistance). Here’s what we mean. A roof is tremendously heavy. Deck substructures are not built to accommodate the addition of a roof unless you had the substructure built to support a future roof addition. But, we can most often design and implement support enhancements which then allow the addition of a roof to your deck.

Sunroom-Eze Breeze-Warner Robins lrCan you turn a porch into a room?

There are many variations of outdoor rooms ranging anywhere from an open porch to a screened porch to a porch with 3-season windows to a fully insulated room with heating and cooling. Here in Central GA, the addition of a vinyl window system such as Eze-Breeze will help you turn your screened porch into a 3-season room making the room usable for most of the year. Today’s vinyl windows are nothing like they used to be. The vinyl is super clear, very strong, and integrated into a track window system making it a permanent addition to your room. Eze-Breeze windows are built to suit your existing or new room. Their track system allows you to expose from 25% up to 75% of the window area. Better yet, you can open the windows from the top or bottom. Depending on the weather conditions, this flexibility is a great plus.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you have a great outdoor space and want to add some sun protection, rain protection, or weather protection, give us a call. We’re glad to provide a free consultation to determine if your space can be converted or upgraded. Call us at (478) 745 – 2000, email us at or visit our website at


A porch for all seasons for your Macon Warner Robins area home

Close your eyes. Conjure up a mental image of your porch. Open your eyes. What season is it? Likely your mental image was of a porch in the warmer months be it late spring or summer. The porch family dinners-screen porch-macon GA lris a great getaway from the heat during that time of year. But, our long time customers tell us they use their porch literally year round. Not only is it their favorite room in the house during the hot weather months, but through different seasons used in different ways.


Let’s face it. Fall is a wonderful season. We are able to enjoy watching leaves turn colors and fall. We begin to get some relief from our hot Georgia summers. But the last thing we want to do is move inside. We will go kicking and screaming if we have to take it all indoors during the fall.

Your porch is the perfect place. Whether it’s those hot days that are holding on or those surprisingly cool fall days, your porch is the perfect day to enjoy those days. Keep one or two of your favorite throws out on the porch or bring a warm cup of hot cocoa out. Your screened porch will still be your bridge between creature comforts and outdoor living throughout the season.


Macon GA screened porch with fireplaceOne of the porch amenities that continues to rise in popularity is a fireplace built into your screened porch. You’ve certainly heard about the popular trend toward outdoor fireplaces. While you certainly can have a stand alone outdoor fireplace, your porch is the best place for your outdoor fireplace. There’s nothing like the mixing of scents of fall breeze and fireplace logs. And there’s nothing like a great big breath of fresh air regardless of the time of year. We may have a difficult time convincing you that you can use your porch throughout the winter with a porch fireplace. And, there will be some periods of true winter weather that will keep you indoors. But, with the addition of Eze-Breeze windows, one or two ceiling fans, and a throw, you should be able to enjoy your porch throughout the winter. Why go through all this trouble to spend winter leisure time in your porch when you could spend your time inside? Often your porch is the brightest and sunniest room in the house. That natural sun is a pick me up on any day of the year.


Pollen! Need we say more? That yellow film that covers literally everything during pollen season is torturous for many of us. Even if Warner Robins-Eze Breeze lryou’re not allergic to pollen, how many of us can escape without sneezing and coughing while wiping the pollen off our cars or or outdoor tables? With a screened porch, your screen will not keep all the pollen out, but it will certainly keep a good amount of it out. In addition, if you have Eze-Breeze vinyl windows on your Macon Warner Robins area porch, you can keep the vinyl windows closed during pollen season to make your outdoor room more pollen proof.

Let’s think of the positive aspect of spring – spending more time outside. After spending the winter indoors, we all anxiously await the rising temperatures that Spring. Here in Central GA, while much of the summer may be considered too hot, Spring is the time to enjoy milder temperatures, some spring breeze and some spring rain. Your back porch is the best place to enjoy spring rain.


Georgia is the deep south. Our temperatures soar in the summer forcing many of us to take it indoors. Air conditioning serves a very functional purpose of making spending time in the soaring temperatures an “option”. But, with air conditioning, you can’t smell the rain, feel the breeze and enjoy the other benefits of living outdoors.

Regardless of what time of year you’re reading this blog, it’s time to give us a call for a free consultation on adding a new screened room to your Central GA area home.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrArchadeck of Central Georgia is proud to have been serving Macon and Warner Robins homeowners for more than a dozen years. If you choose to work with us, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of local building trends and traditions, as well as our rock-solid relationships with other local tradesmen. Check out our reviews and reputation in the community. We are happy to provide you with references for any kind of job you are considering. Call: (478) 745 – 2000. Email:

With teenagers, making family dinner meaningful might seem impossible. These Macon homeowners found a way.

As parents of 3, my wife and I know all too well the challenges of making the family dinner what it is supposed to be or what it ought to be. We can make the quintessential family dinner, remove all the daily troubles from our mind and sit down to provide a platform to hear our children talk. All too often, that meaningful conversation just doesn’t happen. How did our parents do it? How did they really get us talking about local events and homework and having healthy conversations about meaningful topics?

family dinners-screen porch-macon GA lrBased on a story that a recent client told me, perhaps getting slightly out of the house for family dinners might be the perfect recipe. When I talk to clients after completing their project, they always tell me that their porch is their favorite room in the house.

This Macon homeowner raved about the fact that it has strengthened their relationship with their teenagers. They have their family dinners out on the porch. She said their daughters linger longer, talk more, and are more a part of the family experience than when inside.

Maybe it’s the fresh air. Maybe it’s the feeling of being out of the house or away from the gadgets sitting inside the house. Maybe it’s the feeling that Mom and Dad are less frazzled because of the calming nature of the porch. But I’m glad to hear that their porch is making a difference in their lives.

In addition this story, there are some fun ones I hear quite a bit. Outside of the classic screened porch experience of enjoying morning coffee on the porch or sneaking away to enjoy a favorite book, here are just a couple other favorite screened porch uses my clients tell me about.

  1. Sleeping outside
  2. Watching TV outside
  3. Working outside

sleeping porch swing-macon GA 750Sleeping on the porch

While you may think the only person sleeping on the porch is the person in your house that has been kicked to the dog house, that is the farthest thing from the truth. My clients tell me they love sleeping outside. Some bring their sleeping bags along with their favorite movie and popcorn to spend the rest of the evening enjoying the breeze and fresh air. Many keep a throw blanket on their porch to grab a cat nap at different times of the day.

Watching TV outside

Would we ever have imagined we would be watching TV and sitting on nice furniture on our screened porch? Gone are the days of portable patio furniture and lack of entertainment. Many clients request that a TV be built into their screened porch design. Whether you enjoy a little ambient noise, enjoy catching just the important parts of the news, or enjoy catching up on your favorite series, you can now do it in comfort from your porch.

Working outside

Laptop computers are great. We can take them to the office and to the kitchen table. We can also take them to another desk in the house or the sofa table. Now you can take your laptop outside to work – outside on your screened porch. All of our porches include electricity so you can plug in when you need to or turn on a lamp when the sun is going down. Merging the relaxing feeling that a screened porch brings with your necessary take home work makes it just a little more enjoyable.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you are considering creating a great new outdoor living space for your Macon/Warner Robins area back yard, or if you want to give a fresh new look to your existing area, give us a call for a free consultation. We strive to create the perfect outdoor living space just for you. Call: (478) 745 – 2000. Email: