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Archadeck of Central Georgia proves that garages aren’t just for cars anymore with Eze-Breeze panels designed exclusively for your garage

Eze-Breeze garage screens
Eze-Breeze garage screens offer protection and diversity to your garage space.

Have you ever wished you had more room for activities such as providing a space with ample enough room to roll out the gym mats so your daughter can practice her gymnastics routine while staying cool and dry in spite of the outdoor weather conditions? Or maybe you wish you had a protected area where you could “tinker” with that vintage hot rod without worrying about pollen, dust or insects complicating the moment? With a garage screen from Eze-Breeze you can transform your garage into more than just a place to park the car or store garden tools.

These garage enclosures provide the perfect way to enclose your garage, utilize the space within it as you wish, and still have the ability to have the space function as a garage. Eze-Breeze has made it easy to repel Mother Nature and keeps exposed and partially exposed areas in use instead of being ignored. These enclosures give you two choices to choose from as well. You can choose a screened enclosure specifically designed for garages or you can opt to choose vinyl-glazed panels. These are the same panels found on the Eze-Breeze porch and patio enclosures but are used in the garage to keep out wind and rain, but still let all the sunshine in.

Eze-Breeze screen enclosures for your garage

With these Eze-Breeze garage door panels in place you get the luxury of a protected space to use for work or for play. The screened panels can also be customized to fit any size opening. The panels are made using high quality aluminum that’s built to last. These panels are rugged and yet slide out of the way or back into place with a simple push of one finger. These screens use a unique feature which assists you in pushing or pulling the panels back into the proper position. The panels glide effortlessly on large, neoprene wheels that latch securely into place. This feature enables you to open the panels and remove your car(s), and then easily close the panels to enjoy bug-free ventilation while your garage is in use.

EzeBreeze-Garage Screen
Eze-Breeze Garage Screen
Eze-Breeze is strong and durable
Eze-Breeze window panels are strong and durable.

Eze-Breeze vinyl-glazed panels for your garage

These panels are a step above the screened enclosures that they keep out the elements like wind and rain. The Eze- Breeze window system includes a rugged, low-profile threshold that won’t damage your tires and can’t be damaged by your car. They come on a 2 or 4 track frame and are a breeze to operate with smooth, corrosion-resistant neoprene rollers. You also have the option to install a pocket so the panels will tuck away completely out of the way. The glazed panels offer the transparency of glass without the weight, fragility and cost involved with traditional windows. These panels are made of vinyl which means if the panels are hit, kicked or get bumped out; the area will restore itself within minutes. The Eze-Breeze panels come in clear, bronze, light-gray or dark-grey tints to enhance privacy and shade but to also reduce glare, solar heat gain and fading. This system also has clean lines and pleasing proportions to complement any architecture or style of home.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

Archadeck of Central Georgia would love to help you with any Eze-Breeze installation at your home. We can transform your garage into a functional, protected space to utilize for many activities. Contact us to learn more about these innovative solutions to enhance your outdoor and indoor living needs. Call for a free consultation today (478) 745 – 2000

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The right vinyl window can make turning your screened porch into a 3- or 4-season room a breeze

A 2-season room before decorating in Forsyth GA
A 2-season room before decorating in Forsyth GA

Using the right vinyl windows can turn your screened porch into a 3- or 4-season room. Archadeck of Central Georgia installs vinyl window systems for new and existing screen porch transformations. A vinyl window system enables you to be better protected from the elements thus giving you the ability to use the room for more months during the year.

Vinyl window systems offer more protection from inclement weather, wind, rain, and even the cold with the addition of a space heater on your screened porch. But be careful, all vinyl window systems are not created equal. For a vinyl window system to function properly it needs to contain a window frame that is built to support the vinyl windows. We have found that the Eze-Breeze window system is the best, and we use this system exclusively.

Screened porch to sunroom conversion in N. Macon Ga
Screened porch to sunroom conversion in N. Macon GA

If you are considering a window system in your outdoor room it is crucial that you hire someone to professionally install the windows and  that the windows themselves are good quality. In a vinyl window system the frame system is going to carry all the weight. If you are thinking of just using vinyl windows without a framing system it will lead to a multitude of headaches and problems on down the road. The Eze-Breeze window systems that we use include a supportive frame system that can carry the strength of the windows without putting stress on your outdoor structure itself.

Not only are Eze-Breeze systems strong, they come with a plethora of functional options to make your life easier. One of the options they offer is the sliding track system that allows you to operate the windows easily and engage the windows according to how much or how little you want to use at your leisure. This tracking system for the Eze-Breeze porch enclosures gives you the freedom of horizontal or vertical sliders that offer up to 75% ventilation.

PGT Fist shot for web
The Eze-Breeze window will revert back to its original shape within minutes of any mishap.

The vinyl used in the Eze-Breeze system is an innovative product that is strong, nearly invisible in its clarity, and isn’t susceptible to cracking or breaking. If the unforeseen happens, such as a baseball pop-fly that hits one of the windows the window actually takes the blow and pops back into place! If the vinyl is accidentally misshapen or distorted it will revert back to its original shape within minutes.

If you are ready to create a versatile room by bringing all the beauty of the outdoors in the room and leaving all the undesirables out, contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more about our screened porches, outdoor rooms and vinyl windows systems for use in your porch enclosure.  Contact us for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000 centralgeorgia@archadeck.net

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

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