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Give your home a facelift for 2013 with a new or upgraded front porch or portico from Archadeck of Central Georgia

Central GA front porches and porticos
This front porches is heavy on rustic influences by combining hardscape and wood mediums that give this space old world charm.

Adding a small structure to the front of your home can make your house look completely different. This could not be more evident than when adding a front porch or portico to your home. The door to your home welcomes not only you in but also welcomes in your guests. Adding to or updating your home’s entrance can make a huge impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home’s facade. In addition, a portico or front porch also serve the practical purpose of keeping you dry on rainy days and, depending on the structure, providing a great place to hang out and enjoy your front yard.

 A better design for structural integrity

Sometimes we are called in to replace an existing front porch. The front porch may be structurally deteriorating, may not be functional, or may be in need of an aesthetic overhaul.

We recently updated two front porches for our customers in the Macon Warner Robins area. These spaces were built with railing atop that gave the appearance of a second level. Many times this design has a tendency to leak. Builders typically don’t spend as much time being careful about water leakage in this type of area because the space underneath is not enclosed. With flat roofs,  if the area is not cleaned off on a regular basis, it will harbor moisture and take on weight to make the area weak and susceptible to rot and decay. On both of these two projects we came up with a design that better suited the existing home and decreased the chance of future rot and decay with a hip roof, and a gable roof respectively.

These before and after images show the difference adding a front porch or portico can make in the overall look and feel of your home and landscape.

We also have two other projects that consist of building new front porches from scratch. These homeowners wanted to improve for the aesthetics of the front of their homes. The first home had nothing above the front door which is typical in Williamsburg and Saltbox home facades. In many cases homes they have no barrier above the front door and thus no capacity to preventing wear and tear to your front door. Front doors can take a beating from the elements such as wind, rain and sun. This is especially true if there is a wooden frame atop the door. The panels on the door will buckle and warp over time and exposure. In both of these projects building the front porches also required replacement of the front door because the existing front doors had taken such a beating from ole’ Mother Nature.

Who doesn’t love a front porch?

This portico in Macon, GA provides a welcoming entry to this classic home

It is true that making a good first impression is important. Much the same can be said about how others initially visually perceive your home for the first time.  Having an aesthetically appealing front porch or portico not only provides a welcoming entrance to your home but adds curb appeal as well. Many times we install custom hardscape paths, sidewalks and even pergolas to add even more pizazz to the entrance to your home. We can upgrade side entrances and back doors too.

If you are ready to upgrade an existing front porch or portico, or even start from scratch, Archadeck of Central Georgia can ensure that all who enter will be treated to a beautiful first impression. Contact us today for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000 centralgeorgia@archadeck.net

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

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This North Macon open porch with covered section provides the perfect spot for entertaining and intimacy within the same space

North Macon GA Cypress covered porches
This North Macon outdoor oasis has it all. From a convenient outdoor kitchen wing, to a space to cozy up next to the outdoor fireplace.

It is rare that a single outdoor space has the capability of providing different functions on such a varied scale. By listening closely to the needs of these North Macon GA Homeowners that is exactly what we were able to do. This open porch design that also includes a covered section is a perfect example of a chameleon of outdoor living. Just like the chameleon can change colors to match its surroundings, this outdoor oasis can change within itself to suit the outdoor living needs of the homeowners.

North Macon spa decks
The new location of the homeowner's hot tub makes for endless ambiance and evenings under the stars.

When we initially met with these Monroe County homeowners they had a typical square deck which was not in great shape. The homeowners wanted more space to accommodate their entertaining needs. Since they had guests and neighbors over frequently, they needed to expand their outdoor space to be able to host neighborhood functions easily. Their lifestyle covered everything from block parties to play dates with neighbors and their children. They also had an existing hot tub that was on the patio which they wanted moved to a more convenient location in closer proximity to the homeowner’s bedroom. In essence the space we needed to design had to incorporate intimacy which could also serve as functional space for entertaining with family and friends.

Our design includes an open porch with a covered section and two wings that expand the living space off the sides of the porch. Each wing houses specialized areas to suit the very different functions this space had to master. One wing contains an outdoor kitchen which includes a grill, refrigerator and ample counter space for serving and food preparation. The other wing contains the homeowner’s hot tub. This wing is designed where the bedroom door opens out onto the space. We built a platform to ensure the top of the spa was level with the floor of the deck. We also left one side of the deck wing open with no railing to not interfere with the view of the beautiful backyard from the hot tub, this plays upon the same principles as would an endless pool which is so popular in recreational backyard design right now. Being able to exclude a portion of railing in your outdoor space depends upon the code requirements for your given area.

North Macon outdoor kitchens
One wing of the open porch includes a convenient outdoor kitchen with abundant counterspace for serving and food preparation when the homeowners are entertaining.

We took the design of this outdoor oasis a step further with the inclusion of an outdoor ventless gas fireplace within the covered portion. Because the unit is ventless, it also enabled the homeowners to have an enclosed area above the mantel to house their TV. The custom designed area is built from beautiful cypress wood and functions similar to armoire doors, giving the homeowners the capability to open the space when the TV is in use and close it off when it is not.

The decking and railing are completed with pressure treated wood. To add an elegant touch to the railing, we used aluminum baroque balusters which added a defined curve to the railing as well as visual interest. Since the existing home is stucco, we finished the back side of the fireplace in stucco which matches the home perfectly when you look at the house from the backyard. We included plenty of electrical outlets throughout the space, and added low voltage lights next to the hot tub which are flush with the floor. Cypress was also used extensively within the space. We chose cypress not only for its beauty and rustic appeal, but since it is a local material the prices are quite competitive making it less expensive within our market than other traditional materials.

Since the new space included the deck being an elevated space, the homeowners also have the luxury of a dry space area below the deck which they can add outdoor furniture to in order to have additional space for entertaining or whatever their hearts desire. These North Macon homeowners are delighted with their new outdoor living oasis which provides spacious room for a crowd and still offers the flexibility to provide the privacy and ambiance when they want it..

North Macon covered porch builder
Notice how the covered and open portions of this backyard space flow effortlessly into one another.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GAContact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more about our unique, diverse outdoor living structure designs. We can customize your backyard to suit a crowd, or just a few. The possibilities are endless. Call us today for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000 or email us at centralgeorgia@archadeck.net

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