This Macon, GA, redeck delivers function and beauty over, under and beyond

Our recent redecking project provides more than just enhanced beauty and longevity to this Macon 2nd story deck. Archadeck of Central Georgia not only redecked the field of the deck with a high-quality composite, we also added a dry deck system to create a dry space below the deck impervious to weather.


We began by removing the old decking from the second story deck and redecking with TimberTech Legacy composite decking in the Pecan color.  This decking emulates the natural texture and integrity of authentic wood grain and resists mold, mildew, and moisture damage. Maintenance is also a breeze because this decking requires no annual sealing or staining for protection.


Along with the new decking, Archadeck of Central Georgia also installed a dry deck system making the space under the deck functional no matter the weather. Normally, the spaces between deck boards will cause water to drip down below which can keep you from enjoying the space under your deck in wet weather. We added Trex RainEscape to the deck that prevents any water from dripping down through the decking boards. By taking advantage of the area below the deck these Macon homeowners are able to get two outdoor living spaces out of one!

Macon-Trex Rain Escape_Before Ceiling
During installation of RainEscape system.

Trex RainEscape is a unique under-deck drainage system. It is made up of a network of troughs and gutters keeping rain, spills and snow melt from dripping through elevated deck boards, creating a dry patio area on the ground level below. It can even be installed on an existing deck by removing the flooring before installation. Once the Trex RainEscape deck drainage system is installed, utilities can be added then covered with the soffit or ceiling of your choice. This system can be used when creating a under-deck outdoor living area but also when building a porch under a deck.

Macon-Trex Rain Escape-after ceiling instalation
Completed under deck ceiling installation.

Additionally, we added PVC columns wraps to the existing posts to dress them up and add low-maintenance benefits.  The finished project flows beautifully and means the homeowners have more time to spend enjoying their outdoor living space, rather than maintaining it.

If you are thinking of adding a second story deck onto your homes, or if you presently have an existing second story deck we can create an under deck space that will double your outdoor living enjoyment. Our outdoor living combinations make all other “two for one” deals in your life pale by comparison.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

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If you like it then you better put a roof on it…

Archadeck of Central Georgia just completed this stunning covered porch addition in Warner Robins, just off Hwy. 96 in the Brantley Subdivision.  In their quest to add more shade and function to their existing raised concrete patio, the homeowners reached out to us for the best advice.

Open Porch-Warner Robins

Initially, they were considering the notion of adding a pergola over top the patio. However, since the footings were already poured, we offered the second option of a porch cover, since it would be more advantageous for delivering shade and protection from inclement weather.

Archadeck of Central Georgia used beefy columns for the addition to complement the architecture of the existing home. To compensate for the two 2nd story windows just above the addition, we designed an almost flat, shed roof. The roof is built using a modified bitumen rolled roof which we carefully matched to the home’s existing color shingle.  The result is a porch cover that appears to have always been part of the original home.

Warner Robins-Porch-Patio

Patio covers, such as this one, might just be the greatest thing to happen to outdoor living since patio furniture or the advent of the backyard grill! This addition is perfect for porch parties and backyard barbecues. By opting for a roof cover instead of a pergola, this family now can enjoy their patio safe from the elements and impervious to the changing seasons. Like the title says; if you like it then you better put a roof on it…

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

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A Warner Robins Sunroom Designed with Comfort at the Forefront

An Archadeck of Central Georgia sunroom is the perfect solution for adding functionality, value and space to your home.

Sunroom Builder in Warner Robins GA

Our sunrooms not only provide numerous sources of enjoyment, but they will also increase the value of your home without putting a big dent in your pocketbook. Sunrooms are affordable and are by far one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects. They are also easier to maintain than a traditional interior room addition and they increase openness and visibility. Our most recent sunroom addition in Warner Robins, GA, exemplifies all of these benefits.

Warner Robins GA Sunroom Builder

We designed and built this sunroom with the homeowner’s comfort in mind. The addition features custom windows from Window Craftsman Inc. built with the same quality as hurricane windows. The windows slide allowing for customizable ventilation and to enjoy the breeze. In addition to the sliding window system,  Archadeck of Central Georgia also installed a 7′ ceiling fan, which will help keep the room cool in the summer. The homeowners are also adding a pellet stove to aid in keeping the space cozy during the winter months.

Beautiful open rafter ceiling in Warner Robins GA sunroom

The sunroom was built not only with comfort at the forefront, but also aesthetics. Notice the detailed open-rafter ceiling and the beautiful ceramic tile floor.

The clients are elated with their new sunroom and are looking forwarding to all the enjoyment opportunities it will provide. From just enjoying an evening outdoors to hosting parties, it promises to be the most versatile space for their home.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

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Our Redecking Project in Stathams Landing Fits This Warner Robins Backyard to a TEE!

Archadeck of Central Georgia designs outdoor living spaces for all types of properties. These include waterfront properties, properties with acreage and properties within neighborhoods, including golf course communities.  Our most recent redecking project takes us to the amazing golf course community of Stathams Landing in Warner Robins.

Completed redecking project in Warner Robins, GA.
Completed redecking project in Warner Robins, GA.

This neighborhood is situated on the public Landings Golf Club, which has an expansive clubhouse, a 27-hole course, and the largest putting green in middle GA. The home where our project took place backs up to the golf course itself.

The homeowners had an existing wooden deck with many boards in bad shape. The style of the deck was also quite dated with built-in seating instead of railing. This was typical of the period in which it was originally built.

Fiberon-deck-Stathams Landing

Our goal was to bring the design of the deck up-to-date, bringing it up to current deck construction codes and open up the view. In addition to modernizing the space, we also utilized low maintenance materials. This will allow the homeowners to focus on enjoying the deck without the constant worry of maintenance.

Archadeck of Central GA was able to keep and use the original deck’s framing on this project. We reworked the beams in order to accommodate for the continued integration of the beautiful trees in the landscape. We removed the bench seating, added wider stairs and added railing to one end according to code.

deck-Watrner Robins-Fiberon

The new decking boards are Fiberon and the railing is Fortress iron panels. We also finished the entire deck to have no wood peeking out with white PVC risers and edge band.

The homeowners are elated with their new and improved backyard deck! The new design opens up the view and makes the space feel larger, airier and an extension of the landscape.  If you are ready to expand the potential of your existing deck, or add a new deck from scratch, contact Archadeck of Central GA today!

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

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This Macon, GA, Wheelchair Ramp Proves Functional CAN be Beautiful!

If necessity is the Mother of invention then why does it seem most wheelchair accessibility ramps are an eyesore?

ramp-deck-Macon GARealizing the purpose of a wheelchair ramp is to provide a safe, functional transition from one space to another for wheelchair users, doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the aesthetics of your home. At Archadeck of Central Georgia, we know the importance in maintaining the curb appeal of your home and retaining your home’s value.  One of our most recent wheelchair ramp projects in Macon, GA, serves as the perfect example of addressing necessity while maintaining beauty.

ramp-Fiberon-fortress iron-Macon GA

This homeowner is a valued return customer of ours as we have completed two different outdoor living projects for her in the past. As her circumstances have changed over time, she needed a wheelchair ramp added to the front of her home. The temporary ramp she was using had become an eyesore and we were contacted to come up with a more permanent and complimentary solution.

wheelchair ramp-Macon GA

Archadeck of Central GA came up with an elegant permanent wheelchair ramp using the same shape as the temporary ramp. We used Fiberon low maintenance decking in Rosewood for the floor and black Fortress powder-coated railing. We also installed composite cladding to hide the framing. The cladding matches the red brick facade of the existing home for a seamless appearance.

If you are in search of a wheelchair ramp that looks and functions the part for the front, side or back entry of your home, contact us. Our timeless outdoor living designs increase the beauty and function of your home. We can customize your design based on your specific needs.

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Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.





Entry and exit are a lot more important than you think with your new Central GA deck

Spa deck-Perry GA 750Take a look at this new deck in Perry GA. At first glance, you may notice the unique railing configuration that allows an open Zen-like feel as the family traverses from the back door, onto the deck and into the backyard. This may be an option for your new deck depending on the height of the deck and the building code in your local jurisdiction.  In most jurisdictions, if the deck is under 36″, a railing is not required. This family chose railings on the side for privacy but otherwise opted to go railing-free.

Hot tub-deck-Perry GA-design drawing 750This deck has an additional and very important owner — the family dog! Through the back door, the dog frequents the back yard during the day. Our construction crew wanted to minimize the inconvenience for the dog so they put the deck flooring on right away to minimize disruption for their “other” family member.

Deck-spa-hot tub-Perry GA 750This new two-level deck has an integrated hot tub. If entry and exit were ever important, they are super important with a hot tub. For many people, climbing up and climbing down can be trouble. This can certainly be the case when homeowners use the spa to help with joint discomfort or therapy. The built-in bench not only makes this task easy but is also a great place to store towels, robes and even beverages.

If you are considering the addition of a hot tub to your deck, whether you intend to build a new deck or add a space large enough to place a hot tub, we can help. Our unique deck designs and expert craftsmanship will have you soaking up in style and safety. Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia today. Call for a free consultation:
(478) 745 – 2000 Email:

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

See more stylish hot tub and pool decks by visiting our decks photo galleries located on our website.

Our dock addition in Lake Wildwood makes lakefront living even sweeter

Waterfront living is something many Central GA residents only dream about. Whether it is a permanent home on the water, or a second home used for weekends and getaways, owning waterfront property is overflowing with benefits.  Having a dock or pier that allow extended enjoyment of these benefits makes it even sweeter.

Dock-Macon GA-Lake Wildwood

One of our most recent dock projects is located on Lake Wildwood in Macon. The neighborhood features an 186-acre lake, with easy access to swimming, boating and fishing. The lake is also stocked with bass and bream.  Since most of the homes within Lake Wildwood are built around the lake itself, having access to all the lake has to offer is key to enhancing the area’s enjoyment.

Dock Construction-Macon GA

The project consisted of building a new dock with access for parking the clients’ pontoon boat and installing cleats to tie the boat with a bumper all the way around.  It is typical for this neighborhood to lower the water level on the lake every 3-4 years. This allows residents a chance to repair or refurbish their docks as it only possible to work on the foundations of the docks when the water is down.  Archadeck of Central GA scheduled this project while the homeowners were out of town and able to get the project completed before the water level rose back up. As is the case with any dock project we do, it is crucial we have access to the footings. We do not have a way to drive new pylons.

LakeWildwood-Dock-Macon GA 2

The dock is built with TimberTech Terrain decking in brown oak. There are many advantages of using a low-maintenance material, such as TimberTech, for a dock addition.  These include durable decking for high-traffic areas, resistance to mold and mildew growth and moisture damage. This decking is also texturized to retain the look of natural wood, the texture also aids in slip resistance.

The clients are elated with their new dock! They especially love the custom built-in benches.  These were designed in a way to not obstruct the view but serve as an added safety measure to keep the children from falling off the end — not to mention a great seat for casting a line!

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lr
Stephen Denton, owner Archadeck of Central GA.

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Enjoy your new deck or porch now and pay later

Have you waited a long time to add your dream outdoor living space to your backyard? Imagine enjoying meals, playing cards and cozying up with a book on your new deck. Or, imagine kicking your feet up on your porch coffee table with your coffee on the end table, laptop on your lap and mobile phone on the pillow beside you. Don’t forget that with all of this screen magic, the ball game will be playing on your TV mounted in your screened porch.

Screen porch-macon ga-historic district lrIf you’ve waited a long time, you don’t have to wait any more. Now there are great financing options available. At Archadeck, now there is a  great financing option available. At Archadeck, we now offer a low monthly payment option. As an idea, your payments could be as low as **$158 a month (based on a $10,000 project).

When considering whether to add a deck, porch, patio, pavilion or 3-season room to your home, financial considerations are important. One financial consideration is the return on your investment. We must look at this in two ways. First, there is the physical return on investment. What percentage of the dollars spent will you recoup when you sell the home? The second question is what is the return Macon GA pool pavilion open porch lras measured by improved quality of living. There are many studies that chronicle the return on investment dollars; however, there are many variables such as whether you are refacing a dramatically aged structure that will reduce what your home will fetch at sale time. Other factors include the type of materials. If you use low-maintenance materials, there is a higher up-front cost with the future benefit of no annual maintenance. The best thing to do is talk to a qualified and experienced local design professional who can provide feedback and guidance based on your local market.

Warner Robins-Eze Breeze lrWhen you work with Archadeck of Central GA, we offer 2 payment options. The first option is cash or check when finished. The second option is a monthly payment plan to let your money work for you and don’t let it hold up adding your new space to your home.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrOur financing is easy. If you are considering financing a project, just give us a call.

Contact Archadeck of Central GA today (478) 745 – 2000

** Fixed APR during the life of the loan. Subject to qualifying credit approval. Financing for GreenSky® consumer credit programs is provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or familial status. 


This new Kathleen GA porch is more grand and stately with 14 stately new columns

Take a look at this Kathleen GA home

Before 750

Beautiful right?  Take a look at it now


If beautiful-er was a word, that is how we would want to describe the front of this home after the transformation. When these Kathleen GA homeowners first called us, they knew exactly what they wanted and they were looking for the right outdoor builder to help transform the front of their home.

When we say they knew exactly what they wanted, they really did. They wanted craftsman style columns across the front and down the sides of their home. They wanted the base of those columns to be wrapped with cultured stone. They had called a building supply company to come out and give them a quote. After coming out, the supply company never got back to them. We were fortunate enough that she found us and gave us a call.

Kathleen GA-Porch-Craftsman Columns 750Let’s take a look at some of the details of this job. The specifications for the columns were so unique that we searched high and low to find these columns, finally finding them in Washington state. They came unassembled and we assembled them in the front yard. We wrapped the bases with a cultured stack stone menagerie of soft gray tones.

Next, we worked together in a decision not to add railing across the front of the porch. The front porch was very low to the ground. Therefore, building codes did not require railing across the front. The frustrating thing about railings is that code dictates the height of the handrail will always interfere with your view when you are seated. We did add a railing down the side of the home because the grade dropped off. We used black aluminum railing, which mimics wrought iron, to match the regal and elegant flair of the chosen columns.


Instead of leaving the columns a stark white, we painted them off-white to match the trim on the home. You can see that they maintain the regal nature and looks as if they had always been part of this home’s beautiful front facade. The stone compliments the home’s brick facade perfectly and the red door adds that perfect pop of color!

Craftsman Columns-Kathleen GA-Porch 750Let’s take a look at the columns and the rail from on the porch. Wow has the view from the porch been transformed! Also note how the railings down the side still provide great visibility. If you’ve been following the trends, you’ll see a lot of narrow profile dark colored railings in aluminum, iron and other materials. The dark color tends to draw your eye through the railing vs. traditional white railings which tend to keep your view on the railing itself.

If you are considering adding to or improving your outdoor space here in the Central GA area, give us a call for a free consultation at (478) 745 – 2000. We look forward to your call.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrTo see hundreds of great pictures, watch Archadeck of Central GA videos, or read customer reviews and testimonials, visit our Archadeck of Central GA website.

Fifth one’s a charm in the Macon Barrington Hall neighborhood

One of our favorite ways to start a new project is knowing that project was a referral from a past customer. In Barrington Hall, this project was not only referred from a past customer, but from four other neighbors in the same neighborhood! Not only could the homeowner hear about our work, but he could easily take a tour of our other work.

A couple of our other projects included a deck and open porch project and paver patio with retaining wall. In fact, we were working on a project in the neighborhood when this homeowner came over to ask us a few questions and luckily we were able to work on his deck as well.

Macon GA-deck-fiberon-timbertech 750He had an older deck that was very low to the ground. Like many decks, the substructure was in fairly good shape and merely needed some minor changes to be fully fit to support new decking and many years of homeowner enjoyment.

Although the substructure was near par, the decking boards were much past their prime. They were natural wood and showed that they were past their prime. This homeowner knew they needed to be replaced but wanted to take that replacement a step further by re-decking with composite lumber. He wanted all of the comforts of a brand new deck without any of the maintenance. With his beefed

up sub-structure and new composite boards, his deck would be nearly maintenance free. Only surface spills and resting debris will need to be easily washed away with some water, a sponge and sometimes a leaf blower.

You’ll notice a couple very attractive features of this deck. Above you see the beautiful contrast of the Gray Birch Fiberon decking with the picture frame TimberTech Legacy border. The Fiberon ProTect Advantage boards are a beautifully subtle color that does not compete with the alternately colored brick and siding on the home’s facade.

fiberon-timbertech-deck-Macon GA alt 750In addition to not competing with the home colors, the gray decking has some nice aesthetic characteristics of its own. The various boards are shaded differently to provide a subtle contrast from board to board. This also creates visual interest. The board colors vary as wood does naturally but the homeowners have the benefit of the long lasting no maintenance decking.

There was one other great benefit we stumbled upon when doing the re-decking. There was a gas leak in their line and no telling how long it had been leaking. Sometimes it pays to select the hometown contractor!

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you are considering adding or upgrading a deck, patio or other space to your Central GA area home, give Archadeck of Central GA a call for a free consultation at (478) 745 – 2000. We look forward to your call.

To see hundreds of great pictures, watch Archadeck of Central GA videos, or read customer reviews and testimonials, visit our Archadeck of Central GA website.

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