Top 7 things you might want to know if you’re adding a hot tub deck to your Macon Warner Robins area home

Whether you have an existing deck, or you’re thinking about adding a new deck, there are additional considerations if you want a hot tub to be part of those plans. We put together a list of 7 things you should know if you’re considering adding a hot tub.

  1. Hot tubs are heavy
  2. Often a hot tub can be added to an existing deck
  3. Can’t go too low but can go high
  4. How the heck are you going to get in?
  5. Don’t forget to leave room for this
  6. Leave it to your deck builder
  7. You can’t afford to take chances

Hot tub patio space in Macon GAHot tubs are heavy

We don’t need to do any research to figure this out. But, what does this mean from the standpoint of where you can put your hot tub or spa? If you have a slab of concrete large enough for your new hot tub, then you shouldn’t need to do any reinforcement to support the weight of the hot tub. But, if you have an existing deck, I can just about guarantee you that you will need to make some significant enhancements to your deck substructure to support the weight. From an architectural perspective, you will need double joists and an extra beam in your deck substructure to support the weight.

You may be able to add it to your deck

Whether you’re adding a roof to an existing deck, adding a pergola to a deck, or adding something like a spa or hot tub to your deck, most often we can enhance your deck structure and don’t need to build a new deck just for the hot tub. The next question is whether your deck is large enough. You’ll want to leave about an 8′ square area. The range in size varies slightly but by planning for 8′, you will have left room for a standard sized unit. But, don’t forget to leave room to walk around. You don’t want it to be completely against several walls of the deck not leaving room to get around it easily.

hot tub-deck-macon GAHeight considerations

Depending on your preference for mounting your hot tub, your deck will need to be at least 3′ above the ground. But the good news is we can add it to your deck that’s 12 feet off the ground.

How the heck are you going to get in?

Do you want to climb up stairs to get in? Do you want to climb down into your hot tub? Do you want to sit on the side and just swing your legs over? This is an important consideration not just for you but also for your guests. For some people, climbing up or down into the hot tub may be too difficult. The most comfortable way is to have the hot tub mounted 16″ to 20″ off the floor to make it easiest to get in.

Don’t forget to leave room…

In addition to having space to walk around, do you want to have a bench surround or a couple built in benches nearby? Let’s face it, you and your guests will likely come with slip on shoes, a robe, a towel and likely a refreshing beverage. Make sure those aren’t having to be placed on the deck floor where they’ll get splashed on and tipped over.

North Macon spa decksLeave it to your deck builder

Let’s face it, managing a home remodeling project is not easy. And, it’s error prone. Each of the steps in the building process has to be done at particular times so everything comes together. If you work with a company like Archadeck, we are glad to work with your spa company to organize the installation in conjunction with the installation or modification of your deck.

You can’t afford to take chances

When adding such a heavy item, you can’t afford to take any chances. You can’t afford to take the chance that it will be too heavy for your deck. And, you can’t afford an accident caused by insufficient structure. Make sure you work with a reputable builder who engineers the space to carry the load and who makes sure to get any necessary inspections at the necessary times.

Hopefully our top 7 list was helpful if you’re thinking about adding a hot tub to your existing deck or to a new deck at your Macon, Warner Robins or Central GA area home. Our consultation is completely free so give us a call. We can come out to look at your area and provide recommendations and pricing.

Stephen Denton Owner, Archadeck of Central GA

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