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Envision the perfect gazebo for your Macon GA home – this may be what you’re looking for!

gazebo-macon GA white railingTake a look at this gazebo we built in Macon. There’s something very harmonious about the gazebo. The traditional quaint look with custom white rails along with the natural orderly and geometric sensibility of a gazebo make it the quintessential outdoor living space. While an orderly hexagonal or octagonal shape is expected for a gazebo, the compilation of design elements on this gazebo give it that white picket fence feel. Here are some of those elements.

This family had a pool in their backyard and wanted a space to sit and congregate while enjoying their backyard space. Depending on the layout of the home and yard, a gazebo can sometimes be connected to the home but is often connected to a deck. This family wanted a shaded area near the pool. The pool was too far from the house for an attached gazebo to accomplish that objective. So, we designed and built a detached gazebo on the far end of the family’s pool.

gazebo-macon GA white railing lrThe small arched footpath connects the gazebo with the concrete apron around the pool. The brick wrapped pillar bases are made to match the brick on the home. The roof shingles also match the shingles on the home making the space a natural extension instead of just a cookie cutter structure out in the yard. If you look closely, you’ll note we even finished the cupola with the same roof shingles to tie it all in together.

Chippendale railings are perennially popular. At Archadeck of Central GA, we don’t buy pre-made railing panels, we build them ourselves. There are a couple additional elements of this gazebo that you might not notice at first glance. Just below the roof edge, you’ll noticed the exposed rafter tails with an ogee cut. The ceiling is made of stained beadboard. We even wired the ceiling for a fan. The posts are wrapped giving us the opportunity to run wire through them up to the ceiling.

Chippendale-Macon GA-GazeboAt the base of the gazebo, moving farther into the yard, you’ll notice the custom skirting. These homeowners wanted a truly finished look. To that end, the homeowner, who had painting experience, painted various elements white to get that truly “white picket fence” look.

If you are working with a custom outdoor builder to build your deck, porch, pergola, gazebo, patio, outdoor kitchen – or whatever outdoor structure you are having built, really spend some time asking questions and throwing out ideas and goals. Your builder has likely built hundreds of projects and has seen the way lots of different options look when complete and how they look together. If you’re not sure if your builder has been custom building in your area for a long time, ask them. Ask them to see pictures of projects to get a good sense of their building style and capabilities.

Stephen Denton Archadeck Augusta square lrIf you’re thinking about adding a custom structure to your Central GA area backyard, give us a call for a free consultation. We look forward to mulling over ideas and design suggestions based on how you want to use your outdoor space. Give us a call at (478) 745 – 2000 or drop us an email at We look forward to your call.

Read this before you finish your plans for your new Macon Warner Robins backyard pool addition

Ipe Deck at the pool in Warner Robins GA
This stunning Ipe deck in Warner Robins, GA makes the perfect spot to soak up the sun by the pool.

If you are considering a big enhancement to your backyard this year, planning properly can save you time and money. Adding a large scale backyard enhancement such as a pool or a pool with a patio/deck can be a daunting task. The key to the successful completion of each phase of your backyard endeavor depends heavily on good planning. I am often approached by homeowners and asked at which stage of their pool addition they should contact us to begin planning the deck, porch, or patio they anticipate adding in the near or distant future.. The answer is to contact us immediately upon making your decision to go ahead with a large-scale backyard enhancement. Many contractors don’t stress the importance of planning and having a detailed finished backyard vision going into a project.

Central GA poolside gazebo in Macon
This Central GA gazebo serves as a shady spot and impromptu covered porch with a custom bridge that leads to the homeowner’s backyard pool.

For example, what would a pool be without an accompanying outdoor space? This space could be a pool house, a cabana or covered porch. Even a waterfall or koi pond can benefit from an adjoining space such as a paver patio surround or retaining wall to place plants and flowers.

Contacting Archadeck of Central Georgia prior to breaking ground for your next outdoor project will ensure you have a master plan to guide you through the stages of enhancing your outdoor area.  A master guide is especially important if your addition involves something like relocating sprinkler heads. A little foresight into your anticipated project will save time and money later. Important considerations like electrical and plumbing can be planned or hidden. Hiding the pool pump/filter system and wiring as well as masking the noise that is generated by these pool pumps can be designed into your project early on so you won’t have headaches or surprises later.

outdoor kitchen-warner robins
This outdoor kitchen and hardscape patio opens the door for abundant poolside entertaining opportunities.

We can work along with your pool contractor to make sure the digging and needed utility lines are ready for future growth. We can build your deck, patio or cabana before, during or even after your pool is installed. Doing this planning prior beginning your project will mean a smoother construction with less turf or lifestyle distraction later.

Archadeck of Central GA can also help you plan for the backyard of your dreams on a budget. Our planning and project scope precision will enable you to build your project in stages over a period of months, or even years to give you the benefits of improving your backyard over a span that makes sense for you financially.

Pavilion Next to Pool in Macon GA
A poolside pavilion provides shade and room for a myriad of outdoor activities.
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

If you are planning the addition of a water feature and outdoor structure combination, such as a pool and pool house, contact Archadeck of Central GA today. We can sit down and map out the order and importance of each stage of your project to ensure your project runs smooth as silk. Call us for a free consultation today (478) 745 – 2000

You can get more visual ideas about poolside outdoor spaces by visiting our deck galleries and our shade structure galleries located on our website.

A picturesque poolside gazebo and bridge in Monroe County, GA that provides 360 degrees of enjoyment

The project you see below is a project we built in Monroe County, right outside of Forsyth, GA. It consists of a custom-built gazebo and a backyard bridge to add storybook charm to this homeowner’s backyard.

Macon GA gazebo
The backyard bridge serves as the perfect transition from the pool apron into this stunning gazebo in Monroe County, GA.
Gazebo at the end of a dock in Forsyth GA
Gazebos offer an uncompromised view of water features, and landscapes.

The intended goal these Monroe County homeowners wanted to achieve was two-fold. The owner’s pool sits perpendicular in their back yard carving a long path to the free standing gazebo that sits at the very end. The bridge, gazebo and surrounding landscape paint a picturesque scene from all angles of the backyard.

The gazebo was built with pressure-treated wood framing and includes brick skirting and brick around the columns that matches the brick on the home. The pressure treated railing has a large Chippendale pattern design for added interest. The homeowners wanted a decorative cut on the end of the rafters so we used an Ogee pattern cut. On the exterior we used a solid white sealer instead of painting. We used Cabot’s solid white sealer which will not require further maintenance for 5-7 years since the surface is vertical. We recommend using a stain or sealer as opposed to painting on pressure treated wood for optimum results.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

If you are looking for a way to enhance an existing spot in your landscape, or enhance the view along a creek or pond, a gazebo is the perfect answer. They deliver a 360 degree view of the area around them and provide a protected spot for gathering. Contact Archadeck of Central Georgia to learn more about our gazebo and pergola designs. We can transform your backyard with a unique or traditional space, the results will be timeless. Call for a free consultation (478) 745 – 2000

See more charming gazebos by visiting our gazebo photo gallery located on our website. You can also see more examples of other shade structure options by visiting our pergola and trellis gallery also located on our website.

What is involved in building a dock at my lakeside Central GA home?

Dock on Houston Lake in Warrner Robins, GA by Archadeck of Central GA
This custom dock on Lake Houston, features a heavenly descending staircase from the backyard onto the dock.

Here in Central Georgia we are fortunate enough to have some of the most beautiful natural settings in the south. Adding to that beauty is the large number of Lakes we have access to in the area. Several lake communities call Central GA home including Eagle Springs Lake, Lake Oconee, Lake Sinclair, Lake Houston and Lake Tobesofkee. Many residents opt to make one of the lakes their home, whether as a primary residence or a weekend home. We have been commissioned to build several docks at lake-home communities here in Central GA.

Perry, GA Dock built by Archadeck of Central GA
The dock we built in Perry, GA features a unique octagonal shape for optimum views of the lake.

Right now Archadeck of Central GA is building a dock for some Eagle Springs residents in Warner Robins, GA.  By building a number of docks in the area we are familiar with the codes and requirements for constructing a dock in Georgia. The most important aspect of building a dock is the fact that in order to properly set the posts the water level of the lake needs to be down. This fluctuates with the varying amounts of rainfall. Since most lakes in the area are governed by Georgia Power, the amount of water that passes through the dam needed for the generation of electricity also influences the water levels. During certain times the water levels may be lowered when drawdowns are scheduled for maintenance of the dams and government mandated flow limits. You can find out the lake levels for those governed by GP by visiting We also monitor the lake levels so that we can find an opportune time to begin construction on your dock, and schedule your project accordingly.

Waterside porch
A unique take on the typical waterside porch and dock, by Archadeck.

When homeowners decide they want a dock we try to work the construction around fluctuating lake levels, this is important in order to properly set the footings on a new dock. We typically use pressure treated framing materials and posts to build the dock, but you can use a composite material or Ipe as well. PVC is the composite we would recommend if considering using one because it withstands exposure to the water really well. Pressure treated wood will take a beating with the constant exposure to water and will need to be treated annually. Ipe is beautiful but is prone to cup, warp and split even though it ages 10 times slower than pressure treated pine. Inevitably in 10 years the Ipe will look the same as pressure treated does after one year. If you use wood in this close proximity to the water, it will require maintenance more frequently than a normal deck or porch would. When we build a dock we often build stairs descending down to the dock and we also make sure your dock is set at the right point off the water.

Dock and Gazebo in Fortsyth, GA
This dock in Forsyth, GA includes a gazebo, which gives the dock elegance along with a functional shade structure to cast a line on those hot GA days.

If time is of the essence and the lake levels are not where they need to be to ensure proper post installation you may choose to build a floating dock. These are constructed atop plastic pontoons which float on the water’s surface and are always at the same height. This would also make an easy project that you could enjoy while awaiting proper water levels to build a full-on dock. No matter what type of dock you choose to build, lakes that are controlled by Georgia Power have code requirements for building docks, boathouses, or any structure that is built on the lake itself. It is important to know what your county or individual governing body allows. If you know that GA power governs the lake you are on, you can consult your Shoreline Management Guidelines provided by Georgia Power Lakes to view the rules and regulations that could affect your dock construction. All docks require a permit, and we take care of that for you as part of your building package.

If you have a lakefront or lakeside home that would benefit from a dock , contact Archadeck of Central Georgia. We can plan, design, build and schedule your dock in accordance with water level shifts and give you a dock that is sound, and beautiful. What better way to enjoy living by one of Georgia’s most relaxing and beautiful assets. We can make everyday like a vacation for you and your family with a dock.

Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA
Stephen Denton, owner of Archadeck of Central GA

Call for a free consultation: (478) 745 – 2000